Tweet of the Day, Florida DUDE edition.

“Florida Man” does not have the right connotations for this exhibition of righteous stuff. Somebody buy this man beer and wings.

Via @BrianFaughnan.

Tweet of the Day, Excuse Me, I Thought This Was AMERICA edition.

I mean, yeah, dude’s gotta pay for the pole. That wasn’t his pole to smash through. But he could send in the cash for it… what? Well, obviously he can’t write a check, can he? Dude’s on the lam! Sheesh.

Via @SonnyBunch.

Tweet of the Day, WHEN IGUANAS ATTACK edition.

Apparently the iguanas were merely stunned by this cold snap, not killed.

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Snow in Tallahassee!

Alternative title: Hell, orange futures markets freeze over. Not that Tallahassee is Hell, of course.  Not even Jacksonville is Hell, although when you go there in August* you kind of get a rough approximation of the likely climate there. Still, hey, snow in Florida!


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Tweet of the Day, A Big-Ass Alligator Deserves No Less edition.

Yup, that’s a real alligator, from the real state of Florida. Which is to say, very very far away from me and I’m all right with that.  I understand that it’s apparently an amiable sort of alligator, seeing as it walked right past a bunch of photographers who seem to have a classic GURPS Horror-style Delusion about how having a camera makes them invulnerable – but what if the alligator changes its mind?

Marco Rubio made a GREAT point about Cuba.

If Marco Rubio wins Florida after all, answers like this are going to be why.

Via John Podheretz, who is gloomier than I think he needs to be. Rubio made a really strong, really Florida-centric argument last night; and while I don’t see a path for him winning the nomination right now I do see one for him denying Donald Trump Florida’s delegates, which will be sufficient.

Moe Lane

PS: There was more, but this is all that I really wanted to share.