Florida Democrats astroturf GOP town halls!

…and don’t do a very good job of it, really. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Rep. Daniel Webster got heckled by “members of progressive groups such as Moveon.org and Organize Now,” while Allen West got screamed at by a woman later identified as being a former radio host for Air America (remember them*?).  A few things to note about this:

  • When the newspapers are taking the time to note that hecklers are professional activists, then the activists are officially Doing It Wrong.
  • And the reason why the activists are officially Doing It Wrong is because the goal of the exercise is to upset and dismay the legislator that you’re trying to target.  During the health care town hall meltdown, what one took away from it was the way that Democratic legislators ran and hid from their own constituents.  Politicians who didn’t – like, dagnabbit, Barney Frank – generally came out of the situation with little trouble.
  • And in fact neither Webster nor West were particularly upset nor dismayed at the reaction.  Webster kept patiently explaining his votes and calmly engaging the screamers.  West bluntly told his screamers that they weren’t going to intimidate him.

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Meet Daniel Webster (R CAND, FL-08).

Daniel Webster is the candidate that finally got chosen to be the instrument by which we propel Alan Grayson to a fun new career as a bitter MSNBC analyst. We talked this afternoon, and I manfully avoided referencing either Stephen Vincent Benet or Charlie Daniels:

Daniel’s site is here.

Moe Lane

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Grayson delendum est.

Because he’s a poor excuse for a man and I won’t insult women by suggesting that he was one, of course.

The NRCC wasted no time at all in reminding the world of what Alan Grayson likes to, frankly, spew on a regular basis:

It’s actually an impressive video in its brevity: the temptation to make it a twenty-minute highlight of every vicious, sexist*, and bigoted thing that Grayson’s ever said must have been difficult. Which reminds me, Grayson: that Senior Policy Advisor of yours, Matt Stoller? The one who hates Jews the ADL and the military? Does that ever lead to awkward moments at staff meetings?

Daniel Webster for FL-08. Because sometimes the cliche applies: Enough. Is. Enough.

Moe Lane

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