Alan ‘Birther’ Grayson thinks Ted Cruz can’t be President.

Bless his heart: “Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) says he will file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential bid if Cruz wins his party’s nomination.” I forget who said this, but: having the courts go out and spank a fool over stupid stunts like this would indeed be a wonderful thing for the Republic.  Alas, it’s also a subtle indication that Alan Grayson doesn’t expect to get the Democratic nomination for Senator. Not even this man is dumb enough to pull this stunt – IN FLORIDA – if there truly was a Senate seat on the line…

Alan Grayson’s troublesome 3Q fundraising.

This is seriously bad news: Alan Grayson raised only $743K and has $252K cash on hand. How does he expect to beat Patrick Murphy for the Florida Senate Democratic nomination, when Murphy raised $1.5M, and has $3.5M COH? – And the polling isn’t so hot, either: sure, PPP has him ahead… but it’s PPP.

…What can I say? I’d rather have Alan Grayson conceding on Election Night than Patrick Murphy. Having Patrick Murphy lose is just business; there’s nothing personal there. But Grayson? Yeah, Grayson makes it a little personal for us.

Alan Grayson ahead of Pat Murphy in first statewide Florida DEM primary poll.

Do you believe in miracles? 

Oh, don’t tease me like this.

The first statewide survey of the [Florida] Democratic Senate race since [Alan] Grayson formally announced his campaign found Grayson leading [Patrick] Murphy by nearly seven points – 30 to 23 percent. Just over 17 percent said “someone else,” and 22 percent are undecided.

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Tweet of the Day, The Florida-SEN Dem Primary Will Be Everything We Hoped edition.

It may even be… EPIC*.

Moe Lane

*Yes, sorry.

I cannot endorse this heartless libel of @_FloridaMan.

The comparison is cruel.

One of the fundamentally grotesque facts of the American political system is that we get the politicians we vote for.

Which brings me to Alan Grayson, the congressman who is vying to become the political equivalent of @_FloridaMan, a never-ending series of cringe-inducing incidents, headlines, and actions that define—and defame—an entire state.

…Yes, of course it’s cruel to @_FloridaMan.  What did @_FloridaMan ever do to Nick Gillespie, anyway? The nerve. Continue reading I cannot endorse this heartless libel of @_FloridaMan.

Ah, the 2016 Senate race. I cannot wait for the Democratic DEEP HURTING*.

I haven’t decided whether this Washington Post article on Alan Grayson is an attempt to warm him up to the Beltway, or else warn the Beltway about him. Probably the latter: you don’t say things like “[h]is campaign Web [site] … liberally uses ALL CAPS, which gives you a sense of what a possible Grayson for Senate campaign would be like” in This Town when you’re trying to be nice.  On the other hand, there is one really important thing that the WaPo should have been mentioned about Alan Grayson, but neglected to.  To wit: in 2010 Alan Grayson had his head handed to him in FL-08, and that was as an incumbent.  Daniel Webster winning with 56% of the vote was enough to get Grayson scurrying for another district. Continue reading Ah, the 2016 Senate race. I cannot wait for the Democratic DEEP HURTING*.