7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, The Florida-SEN Dem Primary Will Be Everything We Hoped edition.”

  1. So this is what it would be like if Keef Olberman was running for anything….

  2. Those who run against Alan Grayson should first make sure their shot cards are up-to-date for things like tetanus, distemper, rabies….

  3. Are you not entertained?
    In the days of bread and circuses, it seems appropriate.

    1. Throw him and his primary opponents into a cage match with a grizzly bear and yes, yes I would be entertained.

  4. Donald Trump and Alan Grayson both fill that *crucial* “What if Zaphod Beeblebrox was running for my party’s nomination?” slot, and admirably well.

    1. Oh, my. Donald Trump is Zaphod. That explains so much. Including his unnatural hair.

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