I cannot endorse this heartless libel of @_FloridaMan.

The comparison is cruel.

One of the fundamentally grotesque facts of the American political system is that we get the politicians we vote for.

Which brings me to Alan Grayson, the congressman who is vying to become the political equivalent of @_FloridaMan, a never-ending series of cringe-inducing incidents, headlines, and actions that define—and defame—an entire state.

…Yes, of course it’s cruel to @_FloridaMan.  What did @_FloridaMan ever do to Nick Gillespie, anyway? The nerve.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, though, read the whole thing.  It’s a hoot, especially the part where a Reason dude has to stand up for community-based decency standards in discourse.  Although Nick apparently needs to read up on the Electoral College again…

6 thoughts on “I cannot endorse this heartless libel of @_FloridaMan.”

    1. Not even close. Florida Man is insane in an amusing way. You just have to shake your head and chuckle at the…uniqueness…that is Florida Man.

      Alan Grayson is just a POS. He is not amusing. He is not entertaining. He’s just an awful human being who should never ever be trusted with any measure of authority.

          1. i want him to run against Hillary!… the headlines would be *wonderful*

  1. I am a little upset that Moe posted this story about Grayson and not the one I sent him a week or so ago.

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