My RedState post on Alan Grayson’s Congressional hedge fund.

Found here.  Short version: Alan Grayson was actually managing a hedge fund while in office. And he still doesn’t understand why his own campaign staff was and is screaming at him over that.  Because, hey, Alan Grayson.

5 thoughts on “My RedState post on Alan Grayson’s Congressional hedge fund.”

  1. Alan Grayson is able to rationalize running a hedge fund while being on the Finance Committee the same way all prominent Democrats do: If there is a lot of money in it, then it is not merely justified, it is required.

  2. Update: Via Hot Air – Harry Reid is telling Grayson to drop out of the senate race because his actions have disgraced Congress.
    No, this is not from the bearded Spock Universe.

  3. This is an issue that afflicts both parties . My former congressman , Sheldon Bacchus , was of a similar ilk .(CD-5, Alabama , R ) Sitting on the House Banking committee , Sheldon used his position and inside information to trade for his own account . He did not make any money at it : he lost money at it . In fact when he was caught and before the House ” Ethics Committee” (Sic ) , that was his defense , he didn’t make any money . It was quite a hoot ,a crooked congressman too stupid to make money as a crook .

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