Tweet of the Day, An Interesting Houston Flooding Slideshow edition.

As noted in the responses to said slideshow, a lot of the houses on the inside are likely absolute messes that will need to be be gutted.  All in all, though, this storm could have been worse. A lot worse.  Things can be replaced; people, less easily.

Harvey promising to be first major hurricane to hit US in over a decade.

It’s going to hit Texas as a Category 3.  If I am reading the map correctly, Galveston is more or less in the middle of the the projected storm path, which suggests that you get out of coastal Texas generally, and give serious consideration to never actually living in Galveston.  It’s like the danged storms aim for the place.  Heck, for all I know, the geography of the Gulf of Mexico demands that they do.  …Which suggests that maybe people shouldn’t actually try to live there, because the place gets smacked by Mother Nature on a remarkably regular basis.

Seriously, though, if you’re affected by this, stop reading my blog and go somewhere safer.

So… maybe we’re not going to have a hurricane landfall here.

‘Here’ being the East Coast. Good news, but it’s gonna get wet out:

Flooding from Hurricane Joaquin will impact areas from South Carolina to Massachusetts even though the hurricane is unlikely to make landfall in the United States.


A copious amount of moisture will unload very heavy rainfall along parts of the Atlantic Seaboard and the Appalachians into early next week. Strong winds, coastal flooding and beach erosion will occur and could be very damaging even in the absence of a landfall.

Still, stock up. Just in case.

The Democratic hypocrisy of DeLauro & Greenberg.

Rosa DeLauro: Connecticut Democratic Congresswoman.  Married to Stanley Greenberg, Democratic strategist and former Clinton adviser.  Both credibly linked to the biotech megacorporation Monsanto – I mention this not because I care, but it never hurts to remind the netroots that they’re brazen hypocrites when it comes to their supposed opposition to GM foods – and former landlords to then-DCCC chair (and current Chicago mayor) Rahm Emanuel.  Although ‘landlord’ should really apply to people who charge rent to their tenants, I suppose – particularly when the tenant had the ability to steer fat contracts to the landlord’s polling firm.  Ach, well, we’ll save that investigation for 2013.  It’ll give Issa something to do after he finishes burning out the rot in the Justice Department.

But I digress. Continue reading The Democratic hypocrisy of DeLauro & Greenberg.