Russ ‘Raise the minimum wage!’ Feingold wants to get himself some unpaid interns!

I don’t know know whether the news that Feingold’s campaign is advertising for unpaid interns represents Russ Feingold’s hypocrisy – after all, he’s looking specifically for people who will commit to spreading for free the message that there should be a generous minimum wage hike – or just his general cluelessness about how things work now. I mean, ever since Ron Johnson sent him packing from the Senate Russ Feingold has been bitterly licking his wounds in academia, which is about the worst place in the world for keeping on top of current societal trends.  Guess we’ll just have to go with the healing power of ‘and’ on this one:

In this position, interns are given a wide range of tasks and are guaranteed to learn a great deal about a campaign for U.S. Senate. Strong writing, research, and organizational skills are required; having a positive attitude and being outgoing are also appreciated. Scheduling is extremely flexible. All internships are unpaid and require a commitment of 8 to 12 hours per week.

…Guy won’t even shell out $180 bucks a week for this? Talk about a cheapskate!  A brazen one, at that. Continue reading Russ ‘Raise the minimum wage!’ Feingold wants to get himself some unpaid interns!

Russ Feingold used his outside candidate Super-PAC to …pay his once-and-future campaign staff?

You know, it’s sad when you see somebody whose basic motivation in life is so self-evidently Where am I gonna get my next fix from, man? Sad, and a little embarrassing. You want ’em to get help, but it’s not your place to tell ’em to shape up:

Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold — long a champion of campaign finance reform — founded a political action committee that has given a mere 5% of its income to federal candidates and political parties.

Instead, nearly half of the $7.1 million that Progressives United PAChas spent since 2011 has gone to raising more money for itself, according to data compiled by The data also show the group has paid another sizable chunk of money on salaries or consulting fees for Feingold, his top aide and eight former staffers.

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Salesforce: loves doing business in gay-killing Saudi Arabia, hates doing it in Indiana.

Oh, isn’t this nice of the company: “Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is helping employees who are uncomfortable with Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law to transfer out of the state.” Salesforce, in case you were wondering, is a company that does ‘customer relationship management’ for companies, as can be seen here


…Wait. That can’t be right. Saudi Arabia? They sell services in Saudi Arabia? They execute gay people in Saudi Arabia! Well, that says ‘partner,’ so maybe Salesforce has an out there


…erm. Turns out that NSI is Salesforce’s gateway to the Gulf area – including Saudi Arabia, which is by the way a place where they execute gay people. But seriously, is Salesforce actually selling services in Saudi Arabia?


Guess they are! Which is odd, because SAUDI ARABIA EXECUTES GAY PEOPLE.

Look, if you don’t want to do business in Indiana, Arkansas, or any of the other 20 states that have RFRA laws, fine.  It’s a free country. But if you’re going to brag about how you’re happy to pull people out of flyover country because you don’t like a state’s particular attitude about the morality of forcing people to bake a cake for a wedding, at least mention how you plan to help out those of your employees who are living somewhere where being caught being gay leads you to the whipping post or the scaffold.  …Oh, wait, silly me. That’s why Salesforce has the consulting firms and affiliates and partnerships: plausible deniability.  That way the Saudis can keep executing all the gay people that they like, and Marc Benioff can keep cashing those sweet, sweet petro-dollar backed checks.

And Benioff can keep sneering! Mustn’t forget the sneering. That’s probably the best part for him, really.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Speaking as somebody who supports same-sex marriage: I think that it is frankly not moral to support a group like Salesforce.  And it’s not because they do business in Saudi Arabia: it’s because they have carefully calibrated their moral outrage to the point where it never interferes with their bottom line. Salesforce avoiding Indiana is a gesture: avoiding Saudi Arabia would be an economic hardship.  And we can’t have that, can we?

The Last Temptation of Russ Feingold.

Oh, poor Russ Feingold.  He must be so sorely, sorely tempted to run: “Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold’s departure from the State Department has political experts predicting a highly contested rematch of the 2010 race in which the Madison-area senator was defeated.” Russ Feingold, of course, lost to Ron Johnson in that race; and as Senator Johnson is at the top of most people’s Senators Most At-Risk lists it makes a good deal of sense that Feingold might want a rematch. I can’t imagine that losing in 2010 made Feingold feel good about himself, after all.  The man had (still has, I suppose) a carefully-constructed mental vision of himself as being a Servant of the People: that the People took the opportunity to remove him from service very probably eats at Mr. Feingold.  At least a little.

But there’s a solution, right? Russ Feingold runs for office again, beats Ron Johnson, and goes back to his old life.  And then everything will be good again and there will be pie.  No problems there, no problems at all… well. There’s a small problem. Continue reading The Last Temptation of Russ Feingold.

Oh, look. Pennsylvania Democrats want Voter ID for THEIR stuff.

Do as they say, not as they do:


Gotta wonder why they think it’s OK for them to have verification, but not the rest of us. Then again: I’ve had lunch in that hotel. It’s a very nice, and rather pricey, venue: presumably the Democratic party bigwigs that picked it don’t want just anybody sneaking in and raiding the buffet table. Or… perhaps the Democratic party really does believe its own agitprop that minorities don’t have picture IDs as a matter of course? No, wait, their own token minority members would probably be seen as ‘reliable’ enough to be allowed ID.  I guess we’re just going to have to go with “the Democrats are defending the cake trolley” interpretation.


Quote of the Day, Of COURSE Gary Peters (D-CAND, Michigan-SEN) Is Still A Misogynistic Hypocrite edition.

I really should have expected that, honestly.

Former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, R-Byron Center, went first by slamming U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, claiming he is a hypocrite, flip-flopper and beholden to President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“Whenever men tell me about a war on women, I’m suspicious,” she said to a packed house at the Suburban Collection Showplace convention center in Novi. “Can you say hypocrisy? I’m not going to be lectured to by a man who pays the women in his office 67 cents on the dollar.”

Terri is, of course, referring to the minor awkwardness that Peters – like pretty much all the other Democratic party fatcats – talk up gender pay inequality, but never actually do anything about it close to home. As that NRSC (yes, I know*) article makes clear, Gary Peters is merely the worst of a bad bunch of Democratic Senate candidates with screaming cases of entitlement and absolutely no shame whatsoever.  And here’s something to also note: ever notice that you never read stories about how Democrats have raised their female staffers’ pay, in light of the situation?  It’s like they’ve decided to address the problem via the classic Beltway Establishment method of ignoring it completely and hoping that the media will go find another chew toy.

All of this via:

…and if you are a Michigan voter, Terri Lynn Rand would quite like you to vote for her.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Data is, as they say, data.

Sen. Mark Begich (D, Alaska) pays female staffers 71% of what he pays male ones.

Last month it came out that Democratic Senator Mark Begich – who made a big splash pounding the table and shouting about gender pay inequality – doesn’t practice what he preaches. He apparently doesn’t even try.

“Alaska women make just 74 cents on the dollar compared to Alaska men,” wrote Begich in an email to supporters this week. “And anyone who wants to tell Alaska women that they’re not working hard enough should be ready to find out just how tough Alaska women are.”

The average female salary in Begich’s office is a staggering $23,504 less than the average male salary. Women working for Begich are paid just 71 cents for each dollar paid to men, even less than the statewide statistic used by the senator in his email.

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2006 Charlie Crist viciously attacks 2014 Charlie Crist in new attack ad!

This was, of course, inevitable.

Democrats across Florida heard a mysterious recorded call over the weekend that seemed aimed at attacking likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

The voice in the recording? Charlie Crist.

“Hi, this is Charlie Crist calling to set the record straight. I’m pro-life. I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, I support traditional marriage, and I have never supported a new tax or big spending program. It’s sad that in his fourth try for governor my opponent has resorted to distortions and untruths. … Floridians need a consistent, conservative governor that they can trust. I would appreciate your vote on Election Day.”

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Enjoy, progressives! – Jon Corzine starting the process of joining Team Hillary Clinton.

I wonder if progressive Democrats are really Ready for Hillary.

Not that they have even the illusion of a choice. Events like this are pretty much designed to hammer that basic reality home. Jon Corzine, by any rational standard, should have been at least tried for fraud for what his MF Global brokerage firm did with over a billion dollars of their customer’s money (it took two years to get that money back). And yet… as Mollie Hemingway notes here, Jon Corzine had the good fortune of being a major bundler for the Obama administration.  So, oddly enough, there’s been no criminal charges filed. Continue reading Enjoy, progressives! – Jon Corzine starting the process of joining Team Hillary Clinton.

John Foust (D CAND, Virginia-10) wants to force Medicaid on everybody… except his wife’s medical practice.

Ach, the hypocrisy of the world!

The OBGYN practice of Marilyn Jerome, the wife of Democratic congressional candidate John Foust, does not accept Medicaid, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

What’s that that I hear you cry? “What’s the big deal?” Well…

Foust has repeatedly attacked his Republican opponent Barbara Comstock for opposing the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act in his campaign to represent Virginia’s 10th district.

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