2006 Charlie Crist viciously attacks 2014 Charlie Crist in new attack ad!

This was, of course, inevitable.

Democrats across Florida heard a mysterious recorded call over the weekend that seemed aimed at attacking likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

The voice in the recording? Charlie Crist.

“Hi, this is Charlie Crist calling to set the record straight. I’m pro-life. I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, I support traditional marriage, and I have never supported a new tax or big spending program. It’s sad that in his fourth try for governor my opponent has resorted to distortions and untruths. … Floridians need a consistent, conservative governor that they can trust. I would appreciate your vote on Election Day.”

…and it’s illustrative of the larger problem that many people have with Charlie Crist.  I don’t believe that he’s any of those things.  I don’t believe that Charlie Crist is any of the opposite* things.  I don’t believe Charlie Crist at all.

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PS: If I was still a Democrat, I’d be worried as all get-out that that article found a bunch of Democratic voters who didn’t know that their likely nominee has a history of reinventing himself to pander to voters – to the point where they thought the entire thing was done by a voice actor.  Because the reality that Crist is just simply a shameless panderer is gonna come up in the general election.  A lot.  We have years and years of Charlie Crist earnestly attacking the positions he now holds, or defending the positions he now decries.  And Rick Scott is loaded, so getting that footage on the air isn’t going to be a problem.

*And bear in mind that I’m a social moderate. Theoretically, I’d be one of the people that Crist would target as a crossover vote… except that I know perfectly well that there’s not a dang thing he believes in that Crist won’t smoothly repudiate the second he needed to.

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    1. Voter ID laws are 1-1 .. lost in WI, won in NC .. so they’re gonna keep whackin’ at that mole a while longer.

      1. Uh the State of Indiana won their Voter ID case, which went all the way to the US Supreme Court.

      2. Well if they’d follow the blue print Indiana did they’d have the Supreme Court’s backing, as that case has already been decided.

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