Enjoy, progressives! – Jon Corzine starting the process of joining Team Hillary Clinton.

I wonder if progressive Democrats are really Ready for Hillary.

Not that they have even the illusion of a choice. Events like this are pretty much designed to hammer that basic reality home. Jon Corzine, by any rational standard, should have been at least tried for fraud for what his MF Global brokerage firm did with over a billion dollars of their customer’s money (it took two years to get that money back). And yet… as Mollie Hemingway notes here, Jon Corzine had the good fortune of being a major bundler for the Obama administration.  So, oddly enough, there’s been no criminal charges filed. Continue reading Enjoy, progressives! – Jon Corzine starting the process of joining Team Hillary Clinton.

#rsrh As of Monday, Jon Corzine is STILL bundling for Barack Obama?

I’m honestly flabbergasted: when the news came in on Saturday that the probably-won’t-be-indicted-for-anything-before-2013 Jon Corzine was still collecting cash for the President, I assumed that this no-doubt-grevious-oversight would be handled by, say, Monday morning.  After all, surely Corzine was radioactive after the suspicious collapse of his company MF Global?  Particularly since there’s now testimony contradicting Corzine’s about what happened to at least some of the 1.2 billion of customer money that went on walkabout during said collapse?  And yet… it’s Monday afternoon, and there’s no indication that the Obama campaign is worried about Saturday’s revelation; in fact, I’m not even entirely certain that they comprehend that this is a revelation at all.  After all: as somebody or other pointed out last weekend, they disclosed that they’re using Corzine to fundraise, right?  Surely that’s enough?

Spoiler warning: no, it’s not enough.  The entire point of transparency is to give campaigns negative feedback about doing stupid things like, say, using as a bundler a guy that a large swath of the country would like to see starring in a perp walk.  Particularly when said swath includes members of your own party

Because the GOP hasn’t humiliated Corzine *enough*…

…the Democrats are thinking about giving us another bite at that particular apple.  To summarize this… scheme:

  • Jon Corzine resigns prior to January.
  • Richard Codey becomes acting Governor (remember: no Lt. Gov before this election).
  • Frank Lautenberg (currently 85 years old) resigns as Senator.
  • Codey appoints Corzine Senator.

(H/T: The Campaign Spot)  Let me add the next step:

  • Republicans pick up an unlooked-for Senate seat via a 2010 special election.

…which is probably not Corzine’s intent; but then, neither was losing the governor’s race.  As for this prospective race… a recent loser, a Democrat, and an incumbent in 2010.  That would be perfect, thanks.

Moe Lane

PS: I have no personal animus against Senator Lautenberg, but it’s not my fault that he’s in his mid-eighties and still decided to run for re-election in 2008.

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Corzine to take over Bank of America?

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

I can’t possibly imagine how this could have any negative consequences.

Corzine Staff Is Already Preparing To Take Over Bank Of America

Jon Corzine is definitely open to running Bank of America.

There haven’t been any formal talks between the outgoing New Jersey Governor and the board of Bank of America, according to news reports. Part of the reason for this might be that the chairman of the board, Walter Massey, is on vacation.

In fact, if Corzine needs help with filling the board of directors I understand that both Jim McGreevey and Eliot Spitzer are currently available. For that matter, starting next year so will be Ed Rendell, James [David – oops!] Paterson*, and probably Deval Patrick… wow. That’s a Rogue’s Gallery almost worthy of Batman.

Moe Lane

*The Democrats can either toss him in the primary, or we can toss him in the general. Whichever.

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Jason Shih, Jon Corzine, Ecstasy, and Middlesex County Democratic Committee paychecks.

Via Libertarian Republican, who also has a mug shot) Remember: the Corzine campaign has no idea who this Jason Shih is. The quote is “…the campaign doesn’t know who he is.” So he has no connection at all with the campaign, right?

No connection whatsoever.

Shih also reportedly had 10 paychecks from the Middlesex County Democratic Committee in his possession. One paycheck for $1,500 was payable to Shih from the MCDC, according to reports.

“Mr. Shih stated the vehicle he was operating was rented for him by the ‘Corzine for Governor’ camp to distribute tickets and paychecks for the Middlesex County Democratic Committee,” stated Cece.


Calls to Corzine’s campaign office and MCDC were not returned as of press time.

No. Really. Do tell.

Moe Lane

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Another thing the Corzine campaign would like you to ignore….

…regarding the Jason Shih drug bust: the fact that a Jason Shih of Paramus was on the Democrats’ payroll in 2006 (H/T: JammieWearingFool).  Complete coincidence.  Couldn’t possibly be the same person.  There must be thousands of Jason Shihs in New Jersey.

Actually, no, deja vu isn’t really the right reaction to this.

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Meanwhile, pay no attention to this drug bust in NJ.

The Corzine campaign wants it made CLEAR that Jason Shih is in no way, shape, or form involved with the releection campaign; that Mr. Shih is certainly not an assistant campaign director or staffer for the campaign; that they have no idea who Mr. Shih would even is, let alone why he would claim such a status; or why he would claim that the car that he was driving at the time of his drug bust was rented by the campaign, or why there were tickets to an Obama rally and other campaign paraphernalia mixed in with the drug paraphernalia.

Understand?  They want it made CLEAR.

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