Mark Kleiman* shows classic tertiary stage of [runaway conspiracy theorizing~].

[~It’s too nice a day to be that mean.]

Basically, [runaway conspiracy theorizing] – which is my (non-professional**) term for the condition – follows three stages:

  1. OK, [insert conspiracy theory here] obviously isn’t completely true, but there’s some stuff here that suggests that they have a point.
  2. [stunned look]  My God. It all makes sense, now.  This explains every mystery of human society, ever. I was blind before, blind!
  3. Yeah, it’s all because of the Joooooooooooooooooooooos.

You can function more or less indefinitely at Stage 1, but once you hit Stage 2 it’s really, really difficult to keep from hitting Stage 3.  So, anyway… Mark Kleiman.  Notably known for taking far too seriously the notion that asking people to show a picture ID when they vote*** is actually a Republican conspiracy.  So he’s a high-risk candidate. Continue reading Mark Kleiman* shows classic tertiary stage of [runaway conspiracy theorizing~].

@instapundit wins campaign to honor Robert Anson Heinlein.

Not that Glenn’s role in all of this will ever really be publicly noted.

A physician credited as the father of osteopathic medicine and a noted science fiction writer have been selection for induction into the state Capitol’s Hall of Famous Missourians. Joining them as the newest inductees are a suffragist and the catalyst of a citizens initiative that limited state revenues and local taxes.

The hall is a collection of bronze busts that generally has honored people chosen by the House speaker. However, half the new honorees this time were selected through a public nomination and voting process. The four inductees were identified to The Associated Press by House Speaker Tim Jones before the public announcement.

Winning the vote was physician Andrew Taylor Still and science fiction author Robert Heinlein.

To be fair, it’s often hard to assess how well an online campaign actually does. Still: well done, Glenn.

Via, obviously, Instapundit.

Glenn Reynolds was talking up @SarahAHoyt’s latest book…

…on his site; it (Darkship Renegades) is the second book in the series, so I figure that I’ll grab the first one (Darkship Thieves) and give THAT a read, first.

What the heck: book recommendation thread.  I do read ’em, even if I don’t always respond; besides, other people may not have read a book even if I have.

#rsrh Quote of the day, You Have Been Warned edition.

Glenn Reynolds, in response to Wisconsin state legislator Jon Richards’ apparent petulance over the idea that he can be stopped from exercising his naked Will to Power by a mere set of laws:

…to politicians who dismiss the constitutional allocation of power as a “technicality,” be reminded that on tax day people pay taxes, instead of treating you like robbers, because of the constitutional allocation of powers. Without that, you’re just another bandit to be treated accordingly. Do you really want to dismiss the rule of law that way? The answer, of course, is that to politicians, the rule of law — like the taxes — is for the little people. I would recommend against pushing too hard on that front right now, though.

You know, Glenn Reynolds would not exactly be my first choice for recruitment into the New Jacobins.  It is a measure of just how badly the Democratic Beltway aristos are doing right now – worse, how little they care about how badly they’re doing – that we’re hearing more and more exasperation and anger in voices like Instapundit’s.

Moe Lane

#rsrh QotD, Glenn Reynolds edition.

And he’s gone Full Metal Blunt on this one; not that I mind.

In fact, if you look at a Marxist Utopia — say, Cuba — what you’ll see is basically a plantation. At the top, you’ve got the Massa and his family — Fidel, Raul, et al. — followed by various layers of overseers — the Communist Party apparat, the secret police — and House Negroes — e.g., the state-controlled media — all living off the surplus labor of the Field Negroes, whose produce is disposed of not according to their own desires (that would be capitalism!) but according to their betters’. This, we’re told, is for the best, since they aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions anyway, and the Massa looks after them with food, housing, and health care. Slaveholders even defended their system as more humane and less exploitative than atomistic capitalism, conveniently ignoring the role of the lash, just as apologists for Marxism conveniently ignore the role of the gulag.

Because he’s talking about Commies, after all: and Commies Aren’t Cool.

This is too filthy to put on RedState.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Ann Althouse readers.

Even to reference, sadly. Ann Althouse, on the NYT’s “Oops, we keep missing stories, do we?” mea-sorta-kinda-not-really-culpa:

You can read what the public editor, Clark Hoyt, has to say on the subject here. Note the URL. I love the way the URL generator coined the word “pubed” out of public editor. It’s not a new coinage though. Urban Dictionary has already defined “pube” — usually a noun — as a verb. Definition #5:

to place a hair from the pubic male region on a piece of food to be served to a customer usually though not necessarily, by a worker of the establishment

“i was pubed last night by the guys at jj’s” (past tense)

There’s got to be an analogy here, but I will move back to Hoyt’s gentle probing of his employer.

(Via Instapundit) In other words, it’s a perfectly accurate URL, if only by accident.  Also: “probing.” So that’s what they’re calling it, these days.

Hey, once you’re in the muck, you might as well go all the way in…

Moe Lane

Glenn Reynolds is too nice…

…to ask an obvious question of Ann Bartow, but I’m not. Prof. Bartow stated here:

Obama won my support by making claims he is not living up to in a number of contexts, and he deserves to be called on it.

To which I ask, “Why did you think that he was going to live up to those claims in the first place?” Jim Geraghty has been pointing out that “All Barack Obama Statements Come With an Expiration Date. All Of Themsince before the election.  And that list hasn’t shrunk since the President took office in January…

Moe Lane

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Planning a tax protest in Atlanta.

This site should be interesting, both for people who live in Atlanta and people who want to see how you go about organizing some protests against this debt bill that we’ve been saddled with.

Here are some tips on organizing a demonstration.

Michelle Malkin is collecting her own links to demonstrations: of most immediate interest is the one in Chicago. Also, see this article on the topic, which includes handy quotes from a liberal activist who sneers at people like YOUR MOTHER for being upset about Obama indulgently signing the Democrats’ pork wish list.

Via Glenn Reynolds, who should have linked to his book.


Did Mexican drug money help subsidize the Democratic Convention?

No, seriously. Did it?

(H/T: Glenn Reynolds) I know, I know, it’s a heck of a thing to contemplate on a Thursday morning, but check out this story on heavy Democratic donor (and current fugitive) R. Allen Stanford:

Accused Financier Under Federal Drug Investigation
Authorities: Stanford May Have Laundered Drug Money for Mexican Cartel

The SEC’s fraud charges may be the least of accused financial scammer R. Allen Stanford’s worries. Federal authorities tell ABC News that the FBI and others have been investigating whether Stanford was involved in laundering drug money for Mexico’s notorious Gulf Cartel.


The federal investigation, however, did not stop Stanford from using corporate money to become a big man at last year’s Democratic convention in Denver.

A video posted on the firm’s web-site shows Stanford, now sought by U.S. Marshals, being hugged by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and praised by former President Bill Clinton for helping to finance a convention-related forum and party put on by the National Democratic Institute.

Can we show you video footage of said hug and praise? YES! WE! CAN! Continue reading Did Mexican drug money help subsidize the Democratic Convention?