This Heritage Action video is giving the Left the fainting vapors.

Gotta agree with Ann Althouse, here: if this Heritage Action rally-the-base video is freaking out Josh Marshall then the man ain’t what he was.

THAT required a passive-aggressive Godwinization on Marshall’s part?  Geez, I knew that the man sold out and everything – but surely he still has his dignity, right? …Or maybe he’s just too beaten down to be able to process the idea that some groups simply won’t let themselves be broken as easily as, well, apparently Josh Marshall.  Don’t know; can’t say that I really much care, either.

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My Rude Political Comparison For The Night.

After reading this Ann Althouse post (via Instapundit) about perpetual Madison protesters cluelessly and deliberately acting low-rent for the camera, the thought came to me: has the entire current progressive protest movement now become some demented, Left-wing political version of the old Jerry Springer show?


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#rsrh QotD, That Was MEAN Of You, @annalthouse edition.

Ann Althouse, while scoring the dueling press conferences last night (she figures Boehner won*), observed that compromise was a favorite theme in the President’s comments last night.  In fact, President “I won” Obama was and is very upset that we’re not embracing compromise, because that’s what this country is all about**.  So Ann muses:

I had to stop and think: Is America really about compromise? I thought of the Missouri Compromise. And the Three-Fifths Compromise. Maybe compromise is a dirty word for a good reason!

The more I look at that, the more enjoyably ruder that sentence gets.  As always, context is key…

Moe Lane

*Let me address this, actually.  If you’re a netrooter, you almost certainly thought that the President did better than Boehner did last night; and if you’re a VRWCer, you almost certainly thought that Boehner did better (we will now pause for the 5% or so contrarians from both sides to chime in with their contrarianism).  And, yes, even if you thought that the representative for your side sounded better you don’t necessarily believe him.

But that’s not the issue: the issue is what the folks who aren’t us or the netroots thought.  We’ll probably know that in a week or so.

**Which factoid should come as a bit of a shock to the Confederate, Old Imperial Japanese, Nazi, and Italian Fascist governments.  Not that you can actually check with any of them, of course – but, hey, you can always get an old ex-Soviet apparatchik drunk and ask him what he thinks about America’s willingness to compromise.

Google/Blogger going after Ann Althouse?

Well, isn’t this interesting: apparently Blogger/Google has decided to remove Ann Althouse’s blog.  They’re also being neither particularly helpful in either explaining why, nor sounding particularly sympathetic that it’s been taken down, either.  One reason why I never used that particular webhosting service

Wonder if this has anything to do with Ann’s objective (and thus, anti-administration) coverage of the Wisconsin protests?  I certainly hope that it has nothing to do with that…

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*Marvel* at the civility of Big Labor minions.

Marvel at it (NSFW*)  The targets of this, well, bile would be one Ann Althouse and her husband Meade; the former is a blogger of some note, and the latter is the person who has been spending the last few weeks videotaping all those goofball kids in Madison protesting for the right to keep union leadership cadres fat and happy.  Apparently getting caught defacing war memorials grates on some…

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PS: I know that the first link leads to something that those unfamiliar with the paranoid style of the [Far, Hardcore] American Left (Campus/Useless Degree edition) might find over-the-top, if you use that as another way of saying “Barking mad insane and ready to snap like an dried-out rubber band.”  But I’ve been reading Ann for years; more importantly, I’ve been reading unhinged rants like that for years.  It certainly sounds like something one of those people would write…

*Fortunately, it’s even money that neither was the wannabe hipster** who wrote it.

**I mean, if you’re going to be a hipster, you gotta go bicoastal.  Madison?  Madison isn’t even B-List.

#rsrh I did not vote for Barack Obama.

I note this to distinguish myself from Ann Althouse and Joe Sudbay, as both of them did.  I regretfully point this out with regards to the former, if not necessarily the latter; I’m as exasperated as she is that the President is being hypocritical when it comes to DADT, same-sex marriage, and pretty much everything else that falls under the category of ‘gay rights.’  And I suppose that I have a certain detached sympathy for the way that the questions that Sudbay asked on this topic were generally answered by the rhetorical equivalent of the metal end of a belt to the face.

Very detached.  As I’ve already noted, I didn’t vote for the man, and Sudbay belongs to a site that likes to reflexively blame Republicans for everything from the eventual heat death of the universe to the general lack of the McRib sandwich.  I’m not about to pretend that I’m a Buddha or anything.

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Via Cynthia Yockey, who I believe also didn’t vote for Obama.

This is too filthy to put on RedState.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Ann Althouse readers.

Even to reference, sadly. Ann Althouse, on the NYT’s “Oops, we keep missing stories, do we?” mea-sorta-kinda-not-really-culpa:

You can read what the public editor, Clark Hoyt, has to say on the subject here. Note the URL. I love the way the URL generator coined the word “pubed” out of public editor. It’s not a new coinage though. Urban Dictionary has already defined “pube” — usually a noun — as a verb. Definition #5:

to place a hair from the pubic male region on a piece of food to be served to a customer usually though not necessarily, by a worker of the establishment

“i was pubed last night by the guys at jj’s” (past tense)

There’s got to be an analogy here, but I will move back to Hoyt’s gentle probing of his employer.

(Via Instapundit) In other words, it’s a perfectly accurate URL, if only by accident.  Also: “probing.” So that’s what they’re calling it, these days.

Hey, once you’re in the muck, you might as well go all the way in…

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“Remember, drinking buddies don’t let drinking buddies get marched off for mandatory sensitivity training.”

It’s the last line of a good article on the decline of academic relationships inside the academy itself (via Ann Althouse, via Glenn Reynolds). The very short version? Professors and teachers in the same college don’t hang out any more, which makes them easy meat every time somebody with a chip on their shoulder decides to offer one of them up on the altar of insensitivity.  And the people running the colleges don’t actually mind, because this works out for them in the long run: makes it easier for them to do the diversity hiring that keeps the chip-on-their-shoulder people quiet.  Of course, hiring primarily for diversity makes it harder to develop personal academic relationships (which leads to hanging out), so…

This would all be Nasty Fun hysterical, with a double helping of schadenfreude, except for one thing: in about sixteen years I have to send my kid to one of these places for an education.  Having them collectively remove their craniums from their rectums before then would be optimal.

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PS: It’s been years since high school Latin, sorry.  I don’t even feel like looking up what those two plurals would be.

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