My basic comment about this ‘lunatics now running the University of Missouri’ situation.

There’s a gubernatorial election in Missouri next year.

Vote for the Republican.

It’s important.

12 thoughts on “My basic comment about this ‘lunatics now running the University of Missouri’ situation.”

  1. The scariest part? You’re looking at the generation that’s going to be running the country in 10-20 years.

    1. That’s what responsible adults were saying in 1968.
      Stuff happens, in other words. Which is why the whole concept of a “Five Year Plan” was so laughable only a Leftist didn’t understand the joke.

    2. Well, if Missou is going to play the role of Berkeley circa 1965 .. I wonder who’ll be along to play Reagan?

  2. *Googles current candidates*
    Absent knowledge of local politics, seems like a decent crop to chose from too.

  3. In the horrifically inaccurate movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai” has a great ending where after seeing the chaos, one of the characters saids:
    “Madness! Madness!”
    That about sums up my thoughts.

  4. Academia created these monsters.
    And are shocked to see their creations turn on them.
    I can haz popcorn?

    1. *hands Luke bowl of popcorn*
      Ooh, I didn’t know they were making Jurassic College! You’d think they’d learn after the *first* four movies….

  5. I am just shocked that people that expect us to take them seriously went along with this (Claire Macaskill, professors, etc). They will only be able to get a radical who will want that job. In that case who will send their kids there?

    1. Mostly people who either don’t understand the question, or who are stuck for money to pay out-of-state or private school rates …
      I’m sorry, was that meant to be rhetorical?
      (Cheshire grin)

  6. Is there a TL;DR for this situation? I haven’t really been following along. I skimmed an article on the NYT website, but it just kinda sounded like the UM Chancellor and President were convenient scapegoats for a particularly severe case of liberal ennui…

      1. Daily Caller’s got a great post up tonight pointing out that the girl who screamed at the Chancellor was on the search committee that selected him…so when she asks “who hired you, anyway”, well, the answer’s looking her in a mirror.

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