My post on Bernie Sanders’ not-horrible night.

Found here. Short version: Bernie Sanders didn’t do too badly last night, actually. I mean, yeah, I think he’s a Commie and everything, but I also thought that Hillary Clinton would sweep him. ┬áDidn’t happen.

4 thoughts on “My post on Bernie Sanders’ not-horrible night.”

  1. My Thoughts:

    (1) Hillary is like an old pair of boots you put in the back of the closet – after a couple of years you pull those boots out, put them on, and remember why they are in the back of the closet. And then you look at the snowfall, mutter a very bad word, and go outside to shovel.

    (2) The best description I have of the Republican race is this: You are on icy pavement and are sliding. Nothing you do now is going to change the direction or velocity of your travel. Everything you needed to do is a quarter mile back. Right now you are sitting behind the wheel, your feet off of both the accelerator and the brake, watching the lights go white-dark-red-dark-white-dark-red and so on.

    (3) For both the Democrats and the Republicans the conventional political wisdom was something you could bank on, really comfortable, and predictable, and familiar.

    Until everything stopped being conventional.

  2. BTW – the Perfect Presidential Candidate:

    (1) Has the same political beliefs I have.
    (2) Has the same social beliefs I have.
    (3) Has the same economic beliefs I have.
    (4) Has the same belief about the USA’s place in the world that I have.
    (5) Can put up with at least a decade’s worth of slander.
    (6) From politically declared foes.
    (7) And from assumed allies.
    (8) And then can be vigorous every day dealing with the nonsense of all of these foreigners!
    (9) And can return to being vigorous dealing with all of the nonsense from all of these other Americans.

    (10) And he looks awesome making the impossible look probable and the improbable look inevitable.

    (Yes, I am being sarcastic.)

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