My RedState post on the Jeb endorsement.

Found here. Short version: Jeb Bush’s endorsement does actually help Ted Cruz*. But, possibly more importantly… it’s effectively a message to Kasich that he should stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.

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*Yeah, if I had said that in March of 2015 all y’all would have looked at me funny. I would have looked at me funny, too. Since then… well, it’s been that kind of year.

Marco Rubio reportedly close to endorsing Ted Cruz.

Even if true, there are apparently a bunch of details that still need to be worked out, but honestly: if Marco Rubio is serious about doing everything he can to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the nominee, it’s Ted Cruz or nobody.  It’s not even really a stretch for Rubio: him and Cruz are actually fairly close to each other in opinions, and the trash-talk between the two was never going to be particularly problematic in the long term.  There’s also the issue of Rubio’s delegates: he doesn’t have control over where they all go, but he has some control over where some of them go, and of course his opinion would carry weight with those of Rubio’s delegates that can freely go elsewhere.

One other note: Marco Rubio has, at this point, gotten one-sixth of the votes cast thus far in the Republican primaries. Contra some of the people quoted in that Politico article, Rubio’s endorsement and support is something that Ted Cruz would rather like to have. Particularly if it comes with some stumping in various critical primary states.

Moe Lane

My RedState post on Nikki Haley endorsement.

Found here. Short version: getting Nikki Haley was a good get for Marco Rubio, if the screams of rage by Ann Coulter were any indication. And they typically are*.

Moe Lane

*Please note that I would ban Coulter on sight.  She’s gotten rather nastily racist in her golden years and I never actually liked her in the first place.

The AFL-CIO endorses… nobody?

Well, isn’t this interesting.

The AFL-CIO will not endorse Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, according to a report from The Huffington Post.

Many of the nation’s top unions have thrown their weight behind Clinton, but AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told members the federation is staying out of it.

This is, of course, not so much good news for Bernie Sanders as it is horrible news for Hillary Clinton.  At a guess, the AFL-CIO is hedging its bets. If Sanders wins, the union’s decision to stay out will look like a tacit support of him; but if Clinton wins, well, what can she do? She still needs the organization for the general election. It’s win-win! Continue reading The AFL-CIO endorses… nobody?

FOUR Democrats on Hillary Clinton’s supposed endorsement list now saying that they don’t endorse her.

Did nobody in the Clinton campaign think to check their endorsement list first?  Because this seems like a really dumb thing to get wrong. Like, a really, really dumb thing. Continue reading FOUR Democrats on Hillary Clinton’s supposed endorsement list now saying that they don’t endorse her.

Newt Gingrich endorses Michael Williams for Texas Senate.

Now that I may comment: former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has endorsed Michael Williams for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s soon-vacant Senate seat. It’s a strong endorsement, too (that link also leads to contribution information)

Having been a part of the last effort to retake the congressional majority, I am convinced we don’t have to wait 40 years this time to regain power. Democrats in Congress offer the same old, tired recipe of Democrats past — big government hand-outs, bloated bureaucracy and big-time deficit spending.

The kind of change they offer is simply a return to the discarded practices of the pre-Reagan era.

Our problem is not Americans are newly attracted to Democrat ideas, but that Republicans simply failed to live up to their own ideas.

Let me illustrate my point this way: while conservatives continue to embrace the conservative label, liberals have been re-marketing themselves as progressives. You can call a used car pre-owned all you want, but I will be just as worried about the engine going out.

We do not need to change our ideas, we need to live up to them. And when I talk about modernizing the Republican brand, I mean using tried and true Republicans principles in new ways to solve new problems.

The key to building a new Republican Majority is not simply branding Democrat policies as the destructive and discredited ideas of the past…but offering real alternatives that meet Americans where they are. And offering new leaders not bogged down by the old fights of the last decade.

We need conservatives willing to engage the Democrats on the field of ideas…willing to speak of a 21st Century conservatism…willing to stand and fight on principle. We need leaders like Michael Williams.

The full endorsement is at Michael’s site.  And, obviously, I agree.

Moe Lane

Full disclosure: I am in regular contact with the Michael Williams campaign, and I endorse him as a replacement to Senator Hutchison, once she resigns her Senate seat.

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