Quick note on the DEMOCRATIC primary today in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton should win it. Period. That’s the bright line. It doesn’t really matter if Bernie Sanders gets close; he’d need to win outright for it to matter in the larger meta-narrative.

So if Bernie Sanders does win, it’s big news. If he doesn’t, it’s not. ┬áSimple as that, really.

10 thoughts on “Quick note on the DEMOCRATIC primary today in Nevada.”

  1. It’s Nevada. Cheating, lying, and graft are considered respectable.
    If Hillary can’t win there with her resume…

  2. According to the NYT: “When it comes to labor powerhouses in Nevada, few organizations quite match the Culinary Workers Union: 57,000 strong, more than 50 percent Latino, with an 80-year history of labor advocacy on the Strip and a record of turning out its members in political campaigns.
    …the union has decided to sit out the Democratic presidential caucuses here on Saturday, setting off a free-for-all for its members and adding to the increasingly tense and unsettled political atmosphere here.”
    That is kind of a big F-deal and might give Bernie the edge.
    But then it’s only Nevada, Jake.

  3. So my brother works in the hospitality industry in LV , When Harry Reid was up last for reelection , executives were told they would contribute to his campaign , And they were told to make it clear to the staff that their jobs depended on voting for Harry and that buses would be provided for those who needed a ride to the polls . This was a horse trade around some legislation that the Gaming Industry needed and said legislation went no where after his reelection : they was robbed . Serves them right . Anyway we shall see in the AM who delivers for whom .

    1. They was robbed, huh? Well that does help explain the bicycle, uh, I mean Exercise bands, uh, I mean whatever it was that beat the crap out of Reid.

      1. The gaming industry is SRS BIDNESS here in Las Vegas; there really isn’t much else in town in the way of business aside from some concrete plants, Nellis AFB, a shitload of retired folks, some hospitals to take care of the aforementioned, and various service industries catering to them. Okay, there’s UNLV and the College of Southern Nevada, which is a community college. But for the most part, what the gaming industry wants, they get, and anybody crossing them would be well advised to relocate.

  4. Looks like Hillary “won” another tie, this time by drawing from a stacked deck, rather than winning an improbable number of coin flips.

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