Bernie Sanders fans want to recruit Rand Paul supporHAHAHAHAHAHA No.

Look. Rand Paul is a libertarian. Bernie Sanders is a socialist.  A socialist is pretty much the polar opposite of a libertarian. A libertarian is pretty much the polar opposite of a socialist.  And there’s at least one major difference between the two, aside from ideology: libertarians are, by and large, not drooling idiots.

So good luck with that, Bernie.

8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders fans want to recruit Rand Paul supporHAHAHAHAHAHA No.”

    1. Socialism may result in some side effects that may include a slight burning sensation, shortage of breath and other resources, light-wallet-ed-ness, and in some cases mass-death. If any of these symptoms persist, please see your state-appointed physician for reeducation.

  1. the sad part is, Bernie probably believers in his heart that he’s in favor of individual liberty too. to kill babies, for instance. his head does not enter into it at all. Bernie is the stupid wing of the dems… Hillary! is the evil wing.

  2. a certain (not insignificant) segment of Rand Paul supporters, however, are inherited from his father, and those people ARE drooling idiots

  3. Doesn’t John Scalzi consider himself a socialist anarchist? It may be nonsense, but it’s nonsense people believe in.

    1. I heard one person describe “anarchism” as a Socialism for lazy people: both attempt to abolish private property, without bothering to transform the angry mob into a police state.

  4. Bernie Sanders supporters owe me $3 for the coffee I just lost when I spewed it all over my screen.
    Since they collectively owe me, of course, I won’t see a dime. Because that’s what collectivism is all about, Charlie Brown.

  5. I’d say that this is going to go over about as well as a lead balloon, except that the Mythbusters have shown that you actually *can* make a lead balloon.

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