Ah, the start of holiday season.

As in: it’s time, once again, for the Online Left to remind us that they apparently have no idea whatsoever about how to act like properly socialized human beings at the Thanksgiving table.  What gets me is that they keep writing this stuff every year.  …Do they forget?  Is this, like, a Cosmopolitan thing*?

Anyway, nothing I have beats this for snark (via Twitchy/Instapundit):



Moe Lane

*I am given to understand that Cosmopolitan pretty much just recycles its issues at this point.

Vox.com ‘forgets’ that Hillary Clinton opposed SSM in 2013.

(Via @baseballcrank) Scare quotes because I don’t think that they actually forgot. I think that Vox knows that its readers are intellectually incurious, and will eat whatever gets put in front of them. The temptation to cater to that is apparently just too strong to ignore…

Tweet of the Day, Does Hoplophobia Cause Brain Damage? edition.

It certainly seems so, sometimes.

How the heck do a bunch of LIBERALS get that particular bit of icon-recognition wrong? Seriously, how? …Oh. Right. Vox.

Tweet of the Day, Harken To The Mocking Laughter Of Jeff Bezos edition.

We all knew that this day would come. It was preordained. It was destiny. It was also apparently taken down within nanoseconds, but alas everybody reflexively screenshots these days.

Vox. Sentences. I am in a perverse kind of awe. All this time I’ve tried to find the killer app for monetizing online progressive stupidity, and Vox stumbles across it like nobody’s business.

A rather fascinating Storify on the mechanics of a ‘Vox screwed up again’ story.

It’s fascinating, really. Short version: guy form the Daily Beast writes apparently strongly-sourced article highly critical of Obama’s Syrian ISIS strategy; guy from Vox writes one-source rebuttal that will apparently eventually require the resetting of the ‘time since last mistake on Vox’ clock.

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Tweet of the Day, @jaketapper Does A Name! That! PARTY!!!!! on @Vox edition.

This is one of the funniest damn things that I’ve read today, and I’ve been reading bitter Jezebel-style tweets.

Well played, Jake. Well played.

Pet peeve of mine here on this Vox tweet, OK?

Yes, yes, it’s looking exceedingly likely that we’re taking the Senate back. Or, rather, it’s looking exceedingly likely to everybody else, now (I knew this back in March*). Still:

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What happens when Republicans take the Senate? I’ll tell you, @voxdotcom.

Somewhere between half and two-thirds* of the Democratic staffers that talk to Vox right now won’t have jobs on Capitol Hill anymore. No jobs, no access to power, and all chasing the same stopgap employment opportunities.  It won’t be pretty: why, some of ’em might even have to move back home.

Ain’t it a shame.

Moe Lane

*I assume that Vox talks disproportionately to the ones who haven’t figured out yet that they probably shouldn’t talk to Vox.  Mind you, those are the first you downsize, so I guess it all works out, nu?

Today’s anti-Israel depravity from Vox.

I’ve decided not to put this up at RedState [My colleagues have persuaded me to put this up at RedState: personally, I think that after a certain point you shouldn’t give valuable front-page space to attacking hate sites, but the aforementioned colleagues were pretty vehement that I should do so in this case] I’m pretty close to writing Vox off as an openly anti-Semitic website, and we don’t give those things any traffic. Still… dear God but this article reeks: “Yes, Gaza militants hide rockets in schools, but Israel doesn’t have to bomb them.

…I submit to all of you that when the first half of your headline concedes that one side is committing war crimes (a phrase that does not appear anywhere in that article), the second half of your headline should not try to find balance. There is no ‘balance.’ PJ Tatler summed it up pretty starkly: ‘Hiding weapons of war in schools is a war crime, straight up. Targeting civilians intentionally, as Hamas does, is also a war crime.’ If ordinary Palestinians don’t want to get bombed in retaliation for these war crimes, then I suggest that they start shooting on sight the malignant sons-of-bitches in Hamas who keep using them as human shields. Because that’s the only way this is going to end: Hamas cannot survive in Palestine without the good will of the Palestinians. Continue reading Today’s anti-Israel depravity from Vox.