Ah, the start of holiday season.

As in: it’s time, once again, for the Online Left to remind us that they apparently have no idea whatsoever about how to act like properly socialized human beings at the Thanksgiving table.  What gets me is that they keep writing this stuff every year.  …Do they forget?  Is this, like, a Cosmopolitan thing*?

Anyway, nothing I have beats this for snark (via Twitchy/Instapundit):



Moe Lane

*I am given to understand that Cosmopolitan pretty much just recycles its issues at this point.

3 thoughts on “Ah, the start of holiday season.”

  1. how can you *celebrate* when the planet is dying? when Bush and Cheney aren’t in the dock at the Hague? when micro-aggressions are *rife* in this country? and pajama-boy never calls despite all the tweets you sent him? HOW?????

  2. I liked the comment I saw along the lines of if you take advice from Vox for Thanksgiving, you should be sitting at the kiddie table.

  3. The MIL, had an ironclad rule re holiday dinners; those who were tardy, making an ass of themselves or generally being disagreeable, for any reason, were asked to leave and/or not asked back until they saw the error of their ways.
    No cannoli for them!
    At my family after Gran died, a holiday dinner without someone leaving in a huff or throwing a huge snit was rare. Mom just couldn’t bring herself to enforce order. We used to joke that a dinner without gunplay was a success.
    Anyhoo…Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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