Tweet of the Day, Things They Didn’t DARE Do Under George W. Bush edition.

Specifically: chemical gas attacks.

Once we had boots on the ground, anyway. You see, we used to have this policy: nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons were all classified as something called ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ or WMDs. If you used a WMD on us – or our buddies – we would respond in kind. And since it is American policy to only maintain war stocks of nukes, well… a lot of people figured out that it probably wasn’t safe to use any of that stuff while American troops were in the vicinity.  Bad luck, in an actuarial table sort of way.

But that was in the Good Old Days.

9 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Things They Didn’t DARE Do Under George W. Bush edition.”

  1. We have plenty of chemical weapons. Actually an unbelievable amount of it. We just don’t use it. We’re working on getting rid of it, but its a long process.

    1. That leaves aside that we also have a good number of bio-weapons .. and that we have a hellaton of potential dual-use stuff that, every day, is turned into useful consumer goods.
      So .. yeah. We don’t use that for weapons .. but thinking that we *can’t* (or indefinitely *won’t*) is .. stupid on stilts doesn’t reach *nearly* high enough …

      1. Johnson Island has been cleaned up these days.. Their still working on Tooele Army Depot I think, but havnt started on the Anniston, AL site.

  2. I served on a Trident Ballistic Missile Submarine when Bush the Elder made his WMD proclamation.
    I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of such weapons on any vessel I served upon. Nor the claim that targeting packages were ahem…adjusted…in the immediate aftermath of his speech.
    I could *still* go to Leavenworth if I did that. 😛 So I won’t. But you can probably guess.

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