Jew-hating wing of the Presbyterian Church gives the divestment game away.

Background: the Presbyterian Church (USA) finally voted narrowly to retreat from doing business with Jews… oh, pardon me: I meant ‘divest themselves from companies that sell stuff to Israel.’ The virulent anti-Semites – oops, I was trying to type out ‘hardcore progressive activists’ – in that particular sect have been pushing for this for some time; they finally got their way.  Which makes this Kinsley Gaffe – yikes, what it is with me, today?  I absolutely thought that was going to be expressed as ‘inarticulate comment’ – all the more fascinating.

…Heath Rada, moderator for the church meeting, said immediately after the vote that “in no way is this a reflection of our lack of love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

So, apparently, there is an actual lack of love: it just… had no actual effect on this decision, then.

God, but the hardline Activist Left gets all tangled up sometimes when they try to hide their true feelings.  Look, we all know the truth. Rabid progressives hate proud Jews, particularly the ones who refuse to embrace their place as perpetual victims.  Why do those people keep pretending otherwise?

Oh, right, because most people in this country aren’t anti-Semites, and cordially despise people who are.  Silly me.

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6 thoughts on “Jew-hating wing of the Presbyterian Church gives the divestment game away.”

  1. I’ll add the only reason they were finally able to do this was because they have been losing membership to the PC in USA for decades. They are nothing but a staggering rotting corpse.

    1. You don’t hear any of this nonsense in my congregation, a PCA Church. That is the Presbyterian Church of America, which has been the primary beneficiary of the membership loss of PCUSA. What Argues says is true but sadly PCUSA is still the largest Presbyterian group in the nation. Maybe not for long if they keep up this nonsense. PCA churches are Bible-believing, so we members recognize what God says about the Jews, e.g., they are his chosen people, and were given the land of Israel for their homeland.

  2. The sad part is that it’s not really news. Nonsense like this is why I gave up on the Methodists as well.

  3. “God, but the hardline Activist Left gets all tangled up sometimes when they try to hide their true feelings. ”
    But hide them they must, because if they didn’t obfuscate how they truly feel, most decent people would recoil in horror.

    1. Many would recoil.
      Some would go for a right hook.
      Others, present company included, would go for something sharp …

  4. Seriously, what is wrong with those people? I was in a bar once and this “college-know-it-all-hippie” was going on about how the holocaust was faked. I got so pissed, one of my dad’s brothers didn’t liberate a concentration camp, but he helped with the cleanup. He didn’t know what to say when I told him he needed shut up or we needed to head outside if he was going to call my uncle a liar. (I realize that sounds like I was was kind of a knuckle dragging Neanderthal back then, but I saw the look on my uncles’ face when he told the story. He was really upset 35 years after he saw it and he wasn’t one to get upset over anything.) People who can just decide a whole group of people are evil are just wrong in the head.

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