#rsrh Oh where, oh where, has the G-dash-8 gone?

Oh where, oh where could it be?

Ah… they moved the May G8 meeting from Chicago to Camp David. Camp David, where they’re authorized to treat blackshirt anarchists who might decide to assault the site as violent paramilitary irregulars armed with crude weapons (which is what they are), instead of peaceful protestors who are simply motivated by their deep love of Western society generally and the American system of government (which is what they are not).  Not that the administration will ever, ever admit that the promise of domestic terrorist violence this go-round is markedly higher, thanks to the rapidly-souring and already-radicalized Occupy movement*: there’s a difference between being impotent in the face of a threat, and admitting to being impotent in the face of a threat.

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#rsrh Toronto rioting and the moral spectrum.

Via Treacher, we have two competing concepts.

this is barbarism. This is the dream of the anti-globalization fanatics: to be “free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy.

And this is civilization.  Because if their parents won’t teach them, and their peers won’t teach them, and certainly their teachers won’t teach them, then apparently we’re counting on random passerby to teach the Hard Left to stop acting like deranged Lovecraft cultistsWhich we can do; but I suspect that the recipients of this particular form of remedial education won’t enjoy it much.

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#rsrh Moonbat life cycle…

…blackshirt anarchist version (via Hot Air Headlines):

Seriously, look at the guy’s shirt after he finished yelling: this is what all those Rage Against the Machine bandanna-fiends are going to look like in 30 years. I could be unkind – and somewhat hypocritical – by harping on the fellow’s weight; but, honestly, the man has some decent oratorical presence. No stammering there at all; a real shame that he’s wasting it on something as puerile as Communism.

Ach, well, if he was smart he wouldn’t be a Commie in the first place.

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G20 Protesters murder man in London. [Bumped: and the cops may have lent a hand.]

[Further UPDATE] I’m guessing that I got linked to by Infowars. Sorry, guys, but no link: I like Jews, you understand.

[UPDATE] And when they pull in the sick buggers that threw the bottles, make sure that none of these guys do the pulling in.

But don’t preen, ye blackshirts.  The cops may have committed manslaughter.  Your fellow-protesters are still on the hook for murder.

Yes, murder.  When you attack people trying to save someone’s life – someone who is dying – you have made a moral choice.  Or in this case, an immoral choice:

Police were attacked as they helped dying man at G20 protests in City

Police officers came under attack while they tried to help a dying man at the G20 protests in the City last night.

The victim was found by a member of the public unconscious in the street near the Bank of England just before 7.30pm yesterday.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said officers arrived on the scene to help and had to move the casualty away for urgent treatment after bottles were thrown at them by protesters.

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From the ‘Endorsements the White House Doesn’t Want’ files.

Before you ask, I’m amused, not incensed:


Via the indispensable Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’s Blog.

Primarily because I never had to worry that individuals like this would use my political faction’s rhetoric and, you know, mean it.  There’s something relaxing about knowing that every group of utter scoundrels in Western civilization still left unhung hate you and everything that you stand for; in fact, it’s invigorating.  I sincerely hope that the Obama administration finds itself in the same situation Real Soon Now.

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Blair’s Law in action at the G20.

Blair’s Law™ – The ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.

…and it’s in full view at the G20 protests in London, where we get this report from The New Ledger’s Roger Bate about the eclectic nature of the protesters.  Because it’s an antiglobo affair, it is of course dominated by the usual Communist and Israel-hating groups – the latter needing somewhere to go, now that the antiwar movement’s lost losing the war – and Bate suggests that the global warming cause may end up being added to the mix.  To which I reply: if only.  That’d be the fastist way to discredit the whole movement.  Still, the dupes-fools-and-knaves contingent is in full force at London, and they think that they smell blood, so they’re energized.

As long as they stay energized over there.  Faux-populist movements are annoying at best, and kind of intolerable at worst.

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