Expanding on that CSI comment.

I just wanted to add a little to this:

Not the bit about ‘No jury would convict;’ the bit about CSI. I think that thirty years ago, that guy would have been convicted of second degree murder, or possibly would have gotten to cop to a temporary insanity plea; because thirty years ago the fact that the guy had ammo of the same type as the bullet used in the homicide, but no gun* for that ammo, would have loomed larger than the fact that there was no powder residue on the guy’s hands or arms. Forensics is not actually magic, or a collection of Magic Plot Devices; if the guy knew what he was doing then he could have scrubbed the evidence, easy. If he did, that was apparently enough to let him go free. Continue reading Expanding on that CSI comment.

The National Health Service murders babies in Great Britain.

Oh, they don’t murder every baby. Just the babies that the National Health Service needs to murder in order to hit its ‘death pathway’ quotas thinks aren’t possible to save.

Sick children are being discharged from NHS hospitals to die at home or in hospices on controversial ‘death pathways’.

Until now, end of life regime the Liverpool Care Pathway was thought to have involved only elderly and terminally-ill adults.

But the Mail can reveal the practice of withdrawing food and fluid by tube is being used on young patients as well as severely disabled newborn babies.

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Mass rape, murder in Georgi… no, wait, one of the ‘victims’ had a gun.

So that becomes One dead, one injured in foiled robbery/rape/murder attempt in Georgia. Via Fausta:

College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader

…Bailey said he thought it was the end of his life and the lives of the 10 people inside his apartment for a birthday party after two masked men with guns burst in through a patio door.

“They just came in and separated the men from the women and said, ‘Give me your wallets and cell phones,’” said George Williams of the College Park Police Department.

Bailey said the gunmen started counting bullets. “The other guy asked how many (bullets) he had. He said he had enough,” said Bailey.

That’s when one student grabbed a gun out of a backpack and shot at the invader who was watching the men. The gunman ran out of the apartment.

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G20 Protesters murder man in London. [Bumped: and the cops may have lent a hand.]

[Further UPDATE] I’m guessing that I got linked to by Infowars. Sorry, guys, but no link: I like Jews, you understand.

[UPDATE] And when they pull in the sick buggers that threw the bottles, make sure that none of these guys do the pulling in.

But don’t preen, ye blackshirts.  The cops may have committed manslaughter.  Your fellow-protesters are still on the hook for murder.

Yes, murder.  When you attack people trying to save someone’s life – someone who is dying – you have made a moral choice.  Or in this case, an immoral choice:

Police were attacked as they helped dying man at G20 protests in City

Police officers came under attack while they tried to help a dying man at the G20 protests in the City last night.

The victim was found by a member of the public unconscious in the street near the Bank of England just before 7.30pm yesterday.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said officers arrived on the scene to help and had to move the casualty away for urgent treatment after bottles were thrown at them by protesters.

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