Barack Obama’s oh-so-diverse ‘Senior Advisors.’

Wow, but that’s a lot of white guys.  Please note that the picture below is from the White House’s own official Flickr account, which means that not only is calling them ‘senior advisors’ fair (I’m quoting the White House, after all); it indicates that nobody in that shop saw that picture and said Wow, but that’s a lot of white guys.


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#rsrh QotD, A Point Of Order Here, Kirsten Powers Edition.

Kirsten Powers, commenting on the insultingly blatant allowances made towards liberal men who feel like attacking conservative women:

It’s time for some equal-opportunity accountability. Without it, the fight against media misogyny will continue to be perceived as a proxy war for the Democratic Party, not a fight for fair treatment of women in the public square.

“Perceived?” – Mind you, if Ms. Powers were to come right out and admit that all of this simply is a proxy war for the Democratic party then she’s giving up the right to go after Rush Limbaugh too strongly.  Which leads to me not feeling guilty about the fact that I don’t feel grateful about the fact that she’s indulgently throwing us a bone, here; strictly speaking, this is just an enemy-of-my-enemy situation, not true Illumination.

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DCCC using Alan “K Street Whore” Grayson to fund other candidates?

I apologize for having to use the term, but unfortunately it is a public record utterance by a then-Congressman.

This particular hypocrisy on the part of the Democratic party is almost… pure in its brazenness, really. It goes like so: the Democrats have put together a program called ‘Majority Makers’ where Democrats with good fundraising ability who are expected to win their elections are being tapped to spread some of that raised money around to candidates who aren’t doing so well. This in itself is hardly unusual, and not actually pernicious. No sense wasting money, right? – and it’s also expected that the money being passed along would be going to a candidate that shared the original candidate’s values.

The problem is that one of the keystones of the ‘Majority Makers’ program is Alan Grayson, running in FL-09; and his value system includes crude sexual-themed attacks against women who dare to have a different opinion than him on economics.

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Ethical oil’s excellent enemies: Saudi Arabia & Think Progress.

Perfect together!

One of the nicest things about being a mainstream supporter of the Global War on Terror is that you are blessed, for a given value of ‘blessed,’ with a collection of the vilest, most despicable, most appalling domestic enemies in recent political history.  Nazis, Communists, Stalinists, Maoists, blackshirt anarchists, Jew-haters of various flavors, anti-human deep ecologists, anti-Israel conspiracy theorists… honestly, by the time that the antiwar movement was done they had managed to taint most of the groups out there that I casually despise, and virtually all of the progressive ones.  I’d like to pretend that this marvelous example of contagious karma isn’t really that big a deal, but honesty forces me to admit that the nasty, somewhat cognitively challenged nature of the Other Side was a powerful factor in keeping the antiwar folks firmly under the rocks that are in fact their native environment.

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Fred Clark (D-CAND, WI-SEN): would-be abuser.

I say ‘would-be’ because Rep. Clark (who is running against incumbent Wisconsin Senator Luther Olsen in the upcoming recall election) doesn’t have the nerve to say things like the below to a constituent’s face:

FC: “Ok.  I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”

Nope!  Clark’s much more comfortable with waiting until he thinks that she’s off the phone, and only then playing tough-guy.  Which is how people like this operate, of course.  I don’t know where the character quote (which I probably mangled, anyway) came from, originally, but it’s true: the best way to find out how a person really acts is to somehow observe him or her when there’s nobody else around.  Good thing that Wisconsin voters got an earful, huh?

More here: and remember, Fred Clark is supposedly a hardworking and progressive legislator.  At least, by Wisconsin Democratic standards.  Which apparently are sufficiently low that reacting this badly to the intolerable affront of being hung up on doesn’t exclude people like Clark from consideration for higher office.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Luther Olsen for WI-SEN, and the rest of the Republican recall candidates.

Is Charlie Wilson (D, OH-06) aiming for a NOW endorsement*?

Not the patriotic Charlie Wilson from Texas.

Judging from what that group has been tolerating in its endorsees lately, surely a little wife-beating won’t be a disqualification. Or not so little, at that. From Charlie Wilson’s (D, OH-06) 1990 divorce proceedings:

Charles admits that early in the marriage he kicked and struck Plaintiff and accused her of adultery (Defendant’s Desposition, pp. 190, 192, 194). Clara shall confirm the beatings, slappings, and kicking at the early stage of her marriage to the point where she was afraid to anger the Defendant and instead yielded to his demands. She also lied to third parties as to the causes of her injuries. Mrs. Wilson was the typical battered wife.

…And Mrs. Wilson eventually ended up in the emergency room as a direct result of her attempts to finally assert herself (all of this is admitted to by Charlie Wilson, by the way). Her attacker went on to have a ten-year career in the state legislature, prior to being elected to Congress in 2006. No word of whether he regretted anything; the campaign clammed up the second this document came to life. Still, if the female members of Wilson’s staff were in the habit of wearing sunglasses indoors and long sleeved shirts all the time surely we would have heard by now; so that’s something at least, right? Continue reading Is Charlie Wilson (D, OH-06) aiming for a NOW endorsement*?

Marvelous political party that you work for, Sen. Gillibrand.

(H/T: Instapundit) Very cognizant of the plight of the working class:

…the notoriously chatty New York Democrat referred to a flight attendant as a “b[*]tch” after she ordered him to turn off his phone before takeoff.

Schumer and his seatmate, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), were chatting on their phones before takeoff when an announcement indicated that it was time to turn off the phones.


“The senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn’t have made, and he regrets it,” Schumer spokesman Brian Fallon told Shenanigans.

Just not enough to do so himself. Then again, the flight attendant was merely a woman who wakes up every day wondering Is today the day that they try to use my workspace as a bomb again? – and it’s an open question, of course, which half of that description is more instinctively scorned by Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY).  And if you think I’m being unfair… well.  I suppose that if you’re likewise in the habit of muttering gender-based epithets to your female coworkers, you might have a different opinion than mine…

Moe Lane

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Barack Obama: Alan Grayson ‘outstanding member of Congress.’

Talk about timing:

President Obama offered him some warm words at a Miami fundraiser for the Democratic congressional campaign committees last night.

Obama, in introducing the members of Congress in attendance, called Grayson – along with Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Kendrick Meek – as “outstanding members of Congress.”

This would be the same day that it came out that Alan Grayson went on the Alex Jones show last month – the Alex Jones Show – and called a Treasury staffer a “K Street whore.” This is actually angering more than a few Democrats right now – and if you’re wondering why this resonated when other nastiness didn’t, it may be because K Street in DC is also known for being a hangout for actual prostitutes, which certainly puts a somewhat different complexion on the attack*. Now Grayson’s behavior, I understand: he’s a darling of the progressive antiwar Left, which means that his casual misogyny is a unexceptional rhetorical flourish to that sort**. He’ll just scream louder and louder until he gets smacked for it. But what’s the President’s excuse?

Letting the Teleprompter do his thinking for him again, perhaps?

Moe Lane

*Although Rep. Weiner – who originally declared Grayson to be a ‘one fry short of a Happy Meal’ – has since changed his tune.

**See here (via Instapundit) for how more and more feminists are reacting to such indulgences.

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Montel Williams: typical… just typical, really.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann is a bit hyperbolic for my tastes, but when she says something along the lines of slitting wrists and swearing blood brotherhood she’s drawing from a long-established tradition in Western culture. Archaic, to be sure – but if a conservative politician can’t be archaic at times… we’ll demand that he or she be allowed to be, actually. But what it’s not is an invitation to a liberal radio commentator to openly wish for her suicide.

No, really.

Note, by the way, that this sort of thing seems to happen disproportionately to female subjects of hard Leftist ire. People like Mr. Williams don’t really see people like Rep. Bachmann as being really people, you see.

Moe Lane

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I cannot do this Volokh Conspiracy evisceration of Dahlia Lithwick justice.

(Via Instapundit) Not without repeating the entire thing, at least. So just go read it, and marvel that Slate apparently has a regular writer who doesn’t understand that nothing ever goes away on the Internet.

I’m flabbergasted, really.

Moe Lane

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