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Ezra Klein, an analyst, columnist and pundit who runs The Washington Post’s Wonkblog, will leave the newspaper, taking two of his colleagues with him, according to an internal memo sent on Tuesday.

Mr. Klein is “looking to start his own news organization,” according to the memo, but his destination was not identified. He declined to comment on the matter when reached by email on Tuesday, but said he had not “signed anything with anyone.”

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The DOOM that came to Obamacare.

So. We move on. 

Gallup did a poll on Obamacare (news flash: people still aren’t supporting it), and came up with (among other things) this fascinating result:

That, folks, is about as close to a consensus among the American people as you’re likely to get on health care: the majority of the population thinks that the government does not have the right to force you to buy health insurance.  And that includes ‘a majority of Democrats’ and ‘a majority of people who like the idea of Obamacare.’  If I was working for this administration, I’d be praying right now that the Supreme Court strikes down the individual mandate; because if it’s still in place in November – and if this poll is accurate – then there’s going to be a lot of people out there who will be aware that the Republican nominee – whoever that is – will have explicitly campaigned on repealing it…

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I cannot do this Volokh Conspiracy evisceration of Dahlia Lithwick justice.

(Via Instapundit) Not without repeating the entire thing, at least. So just go read it, and marvel that Slate apparently has a regular writer who doesn’t understand that nothing ever goes away on the Internet.

I’m flabbergasted, really.

Moe Lane

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A look from Wikipedia from the inside.

Via Instapundit comes this series of Volokh Conspiracy guest-posts on the topic of Wikipedia by an administrator of Wikipedia – an electronic entity that many if not most of the readers of this site don’t particularly trust*.  The author (one Newyorkbrad) knows this himself, which is why he has been providing TVC with basic explanations of the internal self-monitoring system, what the various levels of access are, and some of the philosophical disputes going on inside the site.  Essentially, he’s trying to demystify the whole thing for people.

If I had been asked for advice on this topic – which I wasn’t – I would have to say that the best way for people to handle perceived flaws in Wikipedia would be roughly similar to what I counseled people to do with the GOP; join up, make yourself useful, then start providing balance to the discussion. They’ll probably be overjoyed to see you and you can finally set the record straight on 18th Century coal mining techniques.

Moe Lane

*This statement is equally accurate for RedState.com & MoeLane.com. The non-political wiki wars can be just as epic.

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Lincoln and the Laws of War.

A little fight between the bloggers of the Volokh Conspiracy and John Fabian Witt of Slate over what’s ostensibly about Lincoln and the laws of war, but is actually about Obama and Bush. Starts with Witt’s post here, Eric Posner’s indulgent, hair-tousling response here, Witt’s somewhat ungracious counter-response here, and ends with Ilya Solmin’s transfixing Witt on a metal spike and leaving him for the ravens here. Moral of the story: when you see the historians snicker about your religious beliefs… just smile, nod, and keep moving.

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