@ezraklein out at WaPo, @VolokhC in.


Ezra Klein, an analyst, columnist and pundit who runs The Washington Post’s Wonkblog, will leave the newspaper, taking two of his colleagues with him, according to an internal memo sent on Tuesday.

Mr. Klein is “looking to start his own news organization,” according to the memo, but his destination was not identified. He declined to comment on the matter when reached by email on Tuesday, but said he had not “signed anything with anyone.”


The Washington Post today announced a partnership with The Volokh Conspiracy, a blog that covers law, public policy, politics, culture and other topics.

Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA, founded the blog in April 2002, and it quickly became a regular destination for Supreme Court junkies, academics, and anyone interested in law and national issues.  Most of the contributors are law professors, and include some of the top legal scholars in the nation.

Their expertise covers free speech, religious freedom, guns, criminal procedure, environmental law, business law, national security law, and much more.

…My God.  They actually removed a cookie-cutter, ill-educated, doctrinaire liberal and replaced him with a bunch of no-fooling conservative/libertarians with serious policy chops.  Is the Washington Post feeling well? – Or is this just the Will of Bezos?

Moe Lane

PS: This should not be taken as me saying that Ezra Klein will be unsuccessful in his new venture, whatever it might be. He could very well thrive, outside of the Washington Post.  I’m just pleased that the WaPo has decided to take on more folks who espouse political ideologies that, you know, work. It makes for a refreshing change, yesno?

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  1. I think, maybe, we can thank the Obama admin for this one, Moe. If HIX had worked as intended, and the modern-day Progressive “New Deal” had commenced, things might be moving in a different direction.

  2. Well, we know that Ezra has a business plan all ready to go, and that it includes an 8-figure sum for seed money, office decor & other odds & ends. Since packages like that are falling out of trees these days, he should have his new venture off the ground in no time.

    1. Has anyone seen Al Gore recently? He has all that oil money from not selling CurrentTV to Glen Beck ..

  3. I suppose somebody has to say something nonsensical about Volokh et al., selling out, and not being the same.
    Might as well be me, as I haven’t been by to read their stuff for a while.
    They do tend to strike me as a bit to the left. One could say something about inherent biases of legal training.
    It may be that it has simply been a while since there were any legal questions in the news I wanted to read more of.

    1. My guess is that they’re mostly Libertarian.
      Social Liberals fiscal conservatives.
      Which is miles and miles better then what WAPO usually publishes including their “conservative” outlook.

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