Of COURSE a segment of the NAACP will hate-speech Tim Scott on demand.

Senator Tim Scott must be infuriating to that section of the NAACP that’s taking orders from the (predominantly white) Democratic party leadership.  After all… Tim Scott was enthusiastically voted into the state legislature by white South Carolinian voters, he was enthusiastically voted into the First Congressional District by white South Carolinian voters, and later this year he’ll be enthusiastically confirmed as Senator by white South Carolinian voters.  And – this is the good bit – he’s done that and will continue to do so without any help whatsoever from the NAACP.  Given that the existing message is that the only way for African-Americans to get ahead is to cleave utterly to the Democratic party (of which the NAACP is pretty much a subsidiary of these days), Senator Scott broadcasts a profoundly subversive message simply by existing.

I can’t help but conclude that Reverend William Barber II is projecting his own shame and anger at the devil’s deal that he’s made with regard to political affiliation.  Well, I’m sorry that the good reverend made that deal, but it’s not my fault that he did.  Neither is it Tim Scott’s.  Sorry, but it’s simply not.


Moe Lane