Barack Obama: Alan Grayson ‘outstanding member of Congress.’

Talk about timing:

President Obama offered him some warm words at a Miami fundraiser for the Democratic congressional campaign committees last night.

Obama, in introducing the members of Congress in attendance, called Grayson – along with Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Kendrick Meek – as “outstanding members of Congress.”

This would be the same day that it came out that Alan Grayson went on the Alex Jones show last month – the Alex Jones Show – and called a Treasury staffer a “K Street whore.” This is actually angering more than a few Democrats right now – and if you’re wondering why this resonated when other nastiness didn’t, it may be because K Street in DC is also known for being a hangout for actual prostitutes, which certainly puts a somewhat different complexion on the attack*. Now Grayson’s behavior, I understand: he’s a darling of the progressive antiwar Left, which means that his casual misogyny is a unexceptional rhetorical flourish to that sort**. He’ll just scream louder and louder until he gets smacked for it. But what’s the President’s excuse?

Letting the Teleprompter do his thinking for him again, perhaps?

Moe Lane

*Although Rep. Weiner – who originally declared Grayson to be a ‘one fry short of a Happy Meal’ – has since changed his tune.

**See here (via Instapundit) for how more and more feminists are reacting to such indulgences.

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