My mini-reivew of the Zombie Bible texts.

Fair warning: both Zombie Bible: Death Has Come Up into Our Windows (Kindle Single) and Zombie Bible: What Our Eyes Have Witnessed are what is implied by the title ‘Zombie Bible.’  Which is to say, they are both stories in which events from Jewish and early Christian Church history (specifically, the persecution of the Prophet Jeremiah and the martyrdom of St. Polycarp) are altered to incorporate the existence and menace of the standard Romero-Brooks slow zombie.  If you find this blasphemous, so be it.  However, they are nonetheless not bad stories; the author may have an axe or two to grind over certain theological points of order (most people do, I’ve found), but he at least knows said theology; and either knows Classical/Biblical history, or is able to fake it well. There’s some decent thinking in here about the nature of God, the nature of the Undead, and a bit about the method how we approach either tells us a bit about ourselves, too.  Lastly, good felicity of style, if a bit introspective.

Plus, they’re on the Kindle, so they’re pretty cheap.  Good waiting-for-the-train books; check them out.


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