“Iowa Stubborn.”


Seems appropriate, even if the Disney remake is, well, not.  Seriously, what the hell was wrong with the original Music Man?

And what’s wrong with the Amazon link-generating system?  Sheesh.


  • nancy sabet says:

    Iowans please seriously consider voting for Gov. Perry. Rick Perry has military experience, legislative experience and executive experience. He’s lived in a rural environment, a suburban environment and a big city environment. The other candidates only wish they had his long record of experience and accomplishment. And there’s a reason why liberals are fleeing to Texas to escape high costs of living and high taxes when they have 48 other states (not including the one they are running from) to choose from. I believe he is the only candidate that will create an environment to put America back to work and free us from the bondage of foreign oil.

  • Just Dave says:

    Many moons ago, back in the day before computers only showed passwords as star-star-star, a woman sat down at a computer next to me.


    I happened to see her password was “Marion”. And for the whole time I was sitting there, I had to restrain myself from singing: http://youtu.be/_eaqditueOw

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