#rsrh Bob Kerrey’s Flight From Destiny: no NE-SEN run.

@LarrySabato is declaring that the Nebraska Senate race is now an “Auto-R seat:” I can’t say that I can argue with him on that.  As the AP notes, Kerrey was about the only hope that the Democrats had of holding the seat.

Still, mustn’t get complaisant.


  • acat says:

    Let’s hope we can avoid snatching defeat from the .. nevermind. It’s not a done deal, but the upper midwest is looking remarkably red…

  • Murgatroyd says:

    Kerrey was one of the few nationally known Democratic politicians I had some amount of respect for. I would certainly have preferred that the Democrats had nominated Kerrey rather than Kerry in 2004, considering how close Mister “Reporting For Duty” came to winning.

    Remember back a decade and a half, when it looked like Kerrey was going to call for Bill Clinton to resign over the whole Lewinsky thing? But suddenly he clammed up and went along with the rest of the Democrats. I have a suspicion that he shut up because the Clintons threatened to reveal the story of a controversial incident in Viet Nam that — true or not — would have made Kerrey look very bad. And then after Bill Clinton had survived impeachment, they put out the story anyway … just to prove they could and pour encourager les autres.

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