#rsrh A friendly piece of advice for Shirley Sherrod.

Support among the Online Left for Sherrod’s defamation suit just abruptly became a good deal less reliable.  Because it really wasn’t about Sherrod; it was about getting to Andrew Breitbart.  And Breitbart has passed, so she just won’t matter to a lot of them anymore.  Oh, it won’t happen right away; but this issue just started the long, downward arc towards obscurity.

My advice is that Sherrod not take it too personally.  After all, it’s not like the Online Left particularly considered her to be a person in the first place.  She was a tool, and the tool is no longer necessary.  This is the way of the world, or at least the way of the portion of the world dedicated to the Cause…

3 thoughts on “#rsrh A friendly piece of advice for Shirley Sherrod.”

  1. Nice post. I wish I could think of something clever to say. I can’t. I honestly lost sleep over Breitbart’s passing last night.

  2. The Left isn’t interested in people or causes, the Left only wants tools to beat the other side with.

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