Andrew Breitbart died four years ago today.

And Andrew Breitbart would weep to see what has happened to his site.

The 29-year-old [Bethany] Mandel, who writes for The Federalist, a conservative/libertarian web site that often inveighs against Trump, is a pugnacious online presence who frequently crosses swords with self-avowed acolytes of the Republican presidential frontrunner.

She has especially tangled with Breitbart News, the rabble-rousing, Trump-friendly Web site—named for its late founder, culture warrior Andrew Breitbart—that regularly savages the GOP establishment, the media elite, the Washington consultant class, and the Fox News Channel, which it likes to portray as the willing enabler of all these sinister forces.

This is precisely why I have left written instructions about what to do with my sites if I get hit by a bus or something. Not that any of my personal sites are large, or even medium-sized – but it’s the principle of the thing. And it’s a damned shameful thing, what happened to


Weinergate, one year later.

The video below isn’t from Memorial Day weekend itself, but I have to agree with AoSHQ: hands down but this was the best part of the whole thing.  Background: former Rep. Anthony Weiner was caught on Twitter showing his, there was two weeks or so of people doing their best to deny that fairly straightforward piece of objective reality, Weiner eventually decided to do a press conference when the naked truth came clear, and – he showed up late for his own press conference, presumably so that he could do some last-minute spin-planning.  Only… Andrew Breitbart happened to be there, and the press decided to take the time to ask a few questions.

And hi-jinks ensued.  Remember: the below took place while Anthony Weiner was apparently hiding offstage.


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#rsrh Hey, remember the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit? …No?

Well, don’t feel bad; apparently, neither does anybody else.  Amazing how all that Lefty support for the African-American woman more or less dissipated as soon as she could no longer be used to attack a white male apostate: mind you, I use ‘amazing’ in a strictly post-modern, hipster ironic sense.  Which is very weird of me, personally, but then it’s been a weird kind of day.

That’s it.  This is just me being a pain: as the philosopher once said, it’s my hobby.

#rsrh A friendly piece of advice for Shirley Sherrod.

Support among the Online Left for Sherrod’s defamation suit just abruptly became a good deal less reliable.  Because it really wasn’t about Sherrod; it was about getting to Andrew Breitbart.  And Breitbart has passed, so she just won’t matter to a lot of them anymore.  Oh, it won’t happen right away; but this issue just started the long, downward arc towards obscurity.

My advice is that Sherrod not take it too personally.  After all, it’s not like the Online Left particularly considered her to be a person in the first place.  She was a tool, and the tool is no longer necessary.  This is the way of the world, or at least the way of the portion of the world dedicated to the Cause…

On hearing that Andrew Breitbart has passed. [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Thinking about the sad news some more – and seeing not only Jeff’s post, but Erick’s and Brad’s; for that matter, the outpouring of sentiment across the right-blogosphere (and a certain tentative undercurrent of hate across the left-) – I wondered what Andrew would say to comfort the folks that know and miss him, if only he still could.  Then I realized that I knew exactly what he’d say: Andrew would give one of those pauses of his and then quote some of the old labor organizer/hooligan Joe Hill’s last words.

Don’t waste any time mourning. Organize!

Partially because it’s good advice, and partially because Andrew never thought that it was about him, per se… but mostly because the Activist Left absolutely hates it when we take away their most cherished mythological constructs and use them in the cause of righteousness.  Which is why Andrew kept doing it to them, of course.

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#rsrh Instapundit almost buries the lede.

It really should be “Some idiots still subsidize Media Matters.”  Seriously, that group is probably only still alive because Breitbart’s organization feels charitable enough to throw them the occasional link.  Because we’re just big softies, that way.

Besides, thanks to Barack Obama and his Democratic Party of DOOM the economy sucks too much to let even a bunch of whining partisans with poor life skills get tossed out onto the street.  No, think about it: Media Matters gets circular-filed, their staff will inevitably up on public assistance.  Which means that then we would end up paying out the money that keeps them from starving to death…

#rsrh NYT uses Blumenthal crony to attack Breitbart.

Yes.  Shocking.

You know, if the New York Times is going to write a piece on Andrew Breitbart that features a largely unfavorable set of quotes from one James B McPherson, they should at least have the elementary politeness to mention that:

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BREAKING: Anthony Weiner to resign House seat.

Alternative title: ‘Weiner pulls out.’

Unconfirmed as of yet, but it’s honestly the only option that the man has at this point, especially since his own party was publicly throwing him under the bus. Presumably somebody offered him a sufficiently lucrative golden parachute.

Moving along, let us first get the obligatory parting shot out of the way…

…as you might have guessed from the picture and the subtitle, there is a strict upper limit to the amount of sympathy that I – or my colleagues at RedState – are going to show towards soon-to-be-former Rep. Weiner for not only his transgressions, but his rather transparent attempts to cover them up. For that matter, the kind of commentary and tone that he’s demonstrated in the past means that he richly deserved the slow-motion destruction of his life, career, and personal dreams over the last few weeks. But Weiner’s supposedly got a kid coming, so I will say this: take this opportunity to revisit your life choices, Tony. You can still salvage your family from the wreck. You want to do that.

Because, really, at this point you have nothing else left. Continue reading BREAKING: Anthony Weiner to resign House seat.

Hey, Jeff Toobin! About that Andrew Breitbart thing.

You remember how you went on CNN to attack Andrew about the ludicrous, oh so ludicrous suggestion that Anthony Weiner might have been having private digital conversations with teenagers? You know, this attack:
“This is the silliest little thing.”

Well, it’s also the funniest thing! The Delaware police are now looking into Anthony Weiner’s… private digital conversations with a teenager! Which Weiner is totally admitting happening! Just like Weiner admitted to everything else that Andrew claimed that Weiner did, and that you tried to dismiss! Continue reading Hey, Jeff Toobin! About that Andrew Breitbart thing.