Weinergate, one year later.

The video below isn’t from Memorial Day weekend itself, but I have to agree with AoSHQ: hands down but this was the best part of the whole thing.  Background: former Rep. Anthony Weiner was caught on Twitter showing his, there was two weeks or so of people doing their best to deny that fairly straightforward piece of objective reality, Weiner eventually decided to do a press conference when the naked truth came clear, and – he showed up late for his own press conference, presumably so that he could do some last-minute spin-planning.  Only… Andrew Breitbart happened to be there, and the press decided to take the time to ask a few questions.

And hi-jinks ensued.  Remember: the below took place while Anthony Weiner was apparently hiding offstage.



I mean, Andrew wasn’t even supposed to be there that day.  I got to watch it unfold in real time, myself – and let me tell you.  It was epic.  This is why we loved Andrew – hell, this is why the press loved Andrew; he’d get up in front of people and just keep talking to them.

And that’s it.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Weinergate, one year later.”

  1. I was on twitter at the time and my timeline just exploded into a joyous party.

  2. The whole thing seemed to start with Dave Weigel saying never be late to your own press conference. Then BOOM.

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