Media Matters staff discovering that their bosses are union-busting hypocrites.

To quote Oscar Wilde, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at this:

The apparent decision by executives at Media Matters for America to oppose the unionization of their staff has left employees at the progressive media watchdog feeling stunned and betrayed, according to a statement from pro-union workers.

Media Matters management recently declined to recognize the union through the “card check” process, instead exercising its right to force a union election under National Labor Relations Board oversight. If an employer wants to keep a workplace union-free, the latter route can give it time to delay the proceedings, bring in union-busting consultants and pressure workers to vote down the union.

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QotD, The Huffington Post (!) Takes Media Matters To The Woodshed edition.

This is how you tell Lefty groups that have made it to the media from Lefty groups who have not: see which ones are upset that the Department of Justice secretly subpoenaed two months’ worth of Associated Press phone records.The Huffington Post is an example of the former; Media Matters for America is a good example of the latter.  And the former is now taking the latter to task.  Now, HuffPo is still Lefty, so you know that there’s still going to be some gratuitous stuff in there, but here’s a good bit.

If you’d like the press to listen to your urgings, you are probably not going to get that to happen while taking the position that it’s OK for the government to snoop through the phone records of reporters and editors. To the perspective of those reporters and editors who were subject to the DoJ’s probe, and to the journalists who take the AP’s side in this matter, you guys are just dicks for putting out these talking points.

Excuse the language.  Not much else to say, otherwise, except to note HuffPo later notes that if Media Matters is going to be in a cleft stick if a Republican President ever does this.  This is probably incorrect: after all, Media Matters’ corporate masters are indifferent to consistency.  God knows that an objective look at the group’s success rate reveals that said masters are also indifferent to effectiveness…

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#rsrh Shocker: David Brock of Media Matters apparently as crazy…

…as a shi… err, outhouse rat:

David Brock was smoking a cigarette on the roof of his Washington, D.C. office one day in the late fall of 2010 when his assistant and two bodyguards suddenly appeared and whisked him and his colleague Eric Burns down the stairs.

Brock, the head of the liberal nonprofit Media Matters for America, had told friends and co-workers that he feared he was in imminent danger from right-wing assassins and needed a security team to keep him safe.

The threat he faced while smoking on his roof? “Snipers,” a former co-worker recalled.

(Via Instapundit) For the record, I’d like to note that the VRWC has not sent out ninja, zombies, the Mossad, the Texas Rangers, button men from Dover, wise guys, albino assassins, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nimwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits*, muggers, [ahem], bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, [ahem], train robbers, bank robbers, [rear]-kickers, [excrement]-kickers, and/or Methodists** against Mr. Brock, for three reasons: Continue reading #rsrh Shocker: David Brock of Media Matters apparently as crazy…

#rsrh Instapundit almost buries the lede.

It really should be “Some idiots still subsidize Media Matters.”  Seriously, that group is probably only still alive because Breitbart’s organization feels charitable enough to throw them the occasional link.  Because we’re just big softies, that way.

Besides, thanks to Barack Obama and his Democratic Party of DOOM the economy sucks too much to let even a bunch of whining partisans with poor life skills get tossed out onto the street.  No, think about it: Media Matters gets circular-filed, their staff will inevitably up on public assistance.  Which means that then we would end up paying out the money that keeps them from starving to death…

#rsrh Mediate making moves on Media Matters’ Money-Men?

It’s a good an explanation as any for this otherwise slightly-bizarre piece on Media Matters’ inability to move the media needle on a ‘story’ about Fox News that required the reader to simply take the unsupported word of an anonymous former Fox News employee that Bad Things Are Happening.  Left-porn, in other words: and when you look at it that way the aforementioned inability is not only not surprising at all; it almost makes one feel kind of sad and melancholy on Media Matters’ behalf.  That is, until you remember that Media Matters is a virulent Lefty shill that wants half the country to die in a fire.  Then you get over it.

But one thing that I will bring up, with malice aforethought: since when has Media Matters actually been effectual?  I mean, I’ve been in this gig since about 2003 or so; and I’ve been with RedState for over half a decade.  We move the media needle all the time.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve done it.  And in all that time, I can’t think of a single specific event where Media Matters has been the point site for ruining a conservative’s day.  And apparently, neither could Mediate: their assertion of Media Matters’ relevance is as sourced as the original Fox-bashing report that sparked the article (i.e., not at all).  That’s so… unlikely… that I actually can’t quite believe it.

So help me out, here?  Surely Media Matters has earned their corn once since they came into existence.

Moe Lane

The rising tide of left-wing violence?

Back about two weeks ago, Media Matters was duly upset about Glenn Beck saying that “there seems to be a mounting call for violence from the left:”

[Video not working: sorry.]

Oddly: as of 7:37 AM, 12/16/2010, Media Matters has precisely zero to say about would-be class warrior Clay Duke. Clay Duke is, of course, the guy who decided to Fight The Power by walking into a Florida school board with a handgun, spray-paint a “V for Vendetta” left-wing gang symbol on the wall, then try to shoot a couple of people before turning the gun on himself. He’s of interest because, as Transterrestrial Musings and The Blaze note, his Facebook page (since sanitized) is a long, extended paean to the Paranoid Left, including a general links list which includes such sites as Indymedia, Wikileaks, and… Media Matters for America. Continue reading The rising tide of left-wing violence?