#rsrh Mediate making moves on Media Matters’ Money-Men?

It’s a good an explanation as any for this otherwise slightly-bizarre piece on Media Matters’ inability to move the media needle on a ‘story’ about Fox News that required the reader to simply take the unsupported word of an anonymous former Fox News employee that Bad Things Are Happening.  Left-porn, in other words: and when you look at it that way the aforementioned inability is not only not surprising at all; it almost makes one feel kind of sad and melancholy on Media Matters’ behalf.  That is, until you remember that Media Matters is a virulent Lefty shill that wants half the country to die in a fire.  Then you get over it.

But one thing that I will bring up, with malice aforethought: since when has Media Matters actually been effectual?  I mean, I’ve been in this gig since about 2003 or so; and I’ve been with RedState for over half a decade.  We move the media needle all the time.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve done it.  And in all that time, I can’t think of a single specific event where Media Matters has been the point site for ruining a conservative’s day.  And apparently, neither could Mediate: their assertion of Media Matters’ relevance is as sourced as the original Fox-bashing report that sparked the article (i.e., not at all).  That’s so… unlikely… that I actually can’t quite believe it.

So help me out, here?  Surely Media Matters has earned their corn once since they came into existence.

Moe Lane

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  1. In the appropriate circles, there’s almost an infinite market for pr0n, even political pr0n. Which isn’t to say that those particular circles aren’t getting smaller all the time..

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