QotD, The Huffington Post (!) Takes Media Matters To The Woodshed edition.

This is how you tell Lefty groups that have made it to the media from Lefty groups who have not: see which ones are upset that the Department of Justice secretly subpoenaed two months’ worth of Associated Press phone records.The Huffington Post is an example of the former; Media Matters for America is a good example of the latter.  And the former is now taking the latter to task.  Now, HuffPo is still Lefty, so you know that there’s still going to be some gratuitous stuff in there, but here’s a good bit.

If you’d like the press to listen to your urgings, you are probably not going to get that to happen while taking the position that it’s OK for the government to snoop through the phone records of reporters and editors. To the perspective of those reporters and editors who were subject to the DoJ’s probe, and to the journalists who take the AP’s side in this matter, you guys are just dicks for putting out these talking points.

Excuse the language.  Not much else to say, otherwise, except to note HuffPo later notes that if Media Matters is going to be in a cleft stick if a Republican President ever does this.  This is probably incorrect: after all, Media Matters’ corporate masters are indifferent to consistency.  God knows that an objective look at the group’s success rate reveals that said masters are also indifferent to effectiveness…

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2 thoughts on “QotD, The Huffington Post (!) Takes Media Matters To The Woodshed edition.”

  1. Holder says there is no written record of him recusing himself. For any case.
    I just. I can’t. p’ijdsfa=sdu8 08adns[ qwasdfsd@#$@W#R FDSF

  2. ‘Baby parts’? Really, HuffPo? Somewhat unfortunate analogy, given the week’s events.
    (And the writer veers from Republicans telling DoJ to do this to Democrats. Dude. Obama and Holder did this. End of story.)
    Enjoyable, though.

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