#rsrh Shocker: David Brock of Media Matters apparently as crazy…

…as a shi… err, outhouse rat:

David Brock was smoking a cigarette on the roof of his Washington, D.C. office one day in the late fall of 2010 when his assistant and two bodyguards suddenly appeared and whisked him and his colleague Eric Burns down the stairs.

Brock, the head of the liberal nonprofit Media Matters for America, had told friends and co-workers that he feared he was in imminent danger from right-wing assassins and needed a security team to keep him safe.

The threat he faced while smoking on his roof? “Snipers,” a former co-worker recalled.

(Via Instapundit) For the record, I’d like to note that the VRWC has not sent out ninja, zombies, the Mossad, the Texas Rangers, button men from Dover, wise guys, albino assassins, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nimwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits*, muggers, [ahem], bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, [ahem], train robbers, bank robbers, [rear]-kickers, [excrement]-kickers, and/or Methodists** against Mr. Brock, for three reasons:

  1. We just don’t do that sort of thing.
  2. Even if we did do that sort of thing, what makes you think that we know how?
  3. Even if we could get away with it, why in God’s name would we target David Brock?

The first point is the most important one, of course – but please do bear in mind that Media Matters has a somewhat better reputation than it deserves.  I understand that it spoon-feeds a lot of liberal/progressive pap to a lot of willing stenographers, but bear in mind that this particular wonder diet of theirs didn’t exactly prevent the Democratic party from eviscerating itself in 2010, and it’s not particularly going to save Barack Obama this year, either.  Which is rank heresy on my part – after all, a lot of people out there are operating under the “Without Us the Night Shall Fall!” paradigm, and they aren’t all liberals – but then, I like being heretical.

Mind you, if David Brock has snapped under the strain as this Daily Caller article suggests than I suggest that he seek some competent medical attention.  Trust me, his ideological masters will be happy to use him up like a cheap tissue.

Moe Lane

*Mind you, even if we wanted to said Mexican bandits are too busy being outfitted by Eric Holder’s Justice Department these days to entertain private arrangements.

**Classical reference.

13 thoughts on “#rsrh Shocker: David Brock of Media Matters apparently as crazy…”

  1. My take on this is He has an overly enthusiastic sense of his own self importance. The general essence I take away is “such people in general are not as important as they think they are”. All I can say is I hope he’s having fun in his private delusions. Nice to know at least someone’s still collecting a paycheck.

  2. Guys, the news that a manic-depressive with paranoid delusions is having weekly meetings with the president’s chief advisor — and is being listened to — is NOT amusing or encouraging at all. It’s as terrifying news as I’ve heard in a while.

  3. It’s called “projection” — he’s afraid of dirty tricks and illegal actions by his opponents, because that’s what he would do.

  4. The essence of “conservatism” is having at least some dim sense of history and the lessons it teaches.

    History teaches that assassinating left-wingers converts them retrospectively from “asshole” to “deity”. It follows that, absent ignoramuses who are four or five sigma west of strange, conservatives don’t do it — and there are enough of us aware of the effect to mostly keep a lid on the weirdos.

    If the Left wants martyrs they have to produce their own (*koff* Jack Kennedy *koff koff*).


  5. There are many people suffer from mental health issues that have not been diagnosed, detected or treated. You can find them at a variety of websites including Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Dailykos and others.

  6. Gosh, Mr. Lane, you use your tongue purtier than a…
    Lady of Negotiable Affection!
    Yeah, that’s it.

    (Didn’t want to go and drop the W-word without clearance)

  7. I think it is just typical gay Berkley high drama from a ballet dancer raised in Texas by a powerful conservative Dallas man who “adopted” the kid who hates him and all hetero conservatives that made his life JUST SO DARN HARD…weeping and crickets…..

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