Hey, Jeff Toobin! About that Andrew Breitbart thing.

You remember how you went on CNN to attack Andrew about the ludicrous, oh so ludicrous suggestion that Anthony Weiner might have been having private digital conversations with teenagers? You know, this attack:
“This is the silliest little thing.”

Well, it’s also the funniest thing! The Delaware police are now looking into Anthony Weiner’s… private digital conversations with a teenager! Which Weiner is totally admitting happening! Just like Weiner admitted to everything else that Andrew claimed that Weiner did, and that you tried to dismiss!

Toobin. There’s a phrase. It’s a phrase that you probably don’t like**, because people use the phrase generally only when they absolutely have to. But it’s a phrase that adults use, so if you want to be treated like an adult you had better start practicing. So. What do you do when you deliberately say nasty things about someone that turn out [not*] to be true, and you get caught at it? What do big boys say? That’s right. They say that they’re sorry. So, why don’t you do that?

Come on, Toobin. Be a man for your kids. Including the one that your baby momma had to sue you to get you to pay child support for.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*No. Not ‘birth control.’


4 thoughts on “Hey, Jeff Toobin! About that Andrew Breitbart thing.”

  1. hahaha… this just gets more hilarious!
    he got caught following around a 16 yr old girl from Ca. too. Besides the more recent police investigation of a 17 yr old in Delaware …the age of consent in the 2nd is 18.

    so will weiner now have to register as a sex offender?

    he is harming the democrats so severely *LOL*

    does the phrase: “I did not have sexual conversations with that woman, (redacted).” come to mind?

    Weiner might be able to escape this scandal if he calls for investigations into Nancy Pelosi’s waterboarding… or somehow gets obama caught in a scandal. …all eyes would then be drawn on obama… and would be off weiner.

    I hope weiner’s thinking is somewhere around the line: if I go down with the sinking ship… I will take the whole democrat party with me.

    could take out 3 (of the main) birds with one stone…

  2. A typo, I think: “What do you do when you deliberately say nasty things about someone that turn out not
    to be true …”
    Toobin will never apologize. As a creature of the Left, he knows that he is in possession of Higher Truths that trump mere facts. If it helps the Left, any lie is automatically “fake but accurate.”

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