#rsrh All due respect to Rev. Michael Pfleger…

…which is to say, none whatsoever.  Also, he may kiss my white, Irish tochis:

Nerf is part of several of my cultural heritages, and if Pfleger doesn’t like it, well, he knows what to do.

Damn, but that’s pretty.


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  • acat says:

    Heh. Yeah, he’s turned himself into a joke. Just as much of a media whore as Sharpton or Jackson but without the ability to play the race card directly.

  • Skip says:

    Heh, there are probably 20 nerf guns within 10 yards of me – such is life in a gaming company.

  • Jbird says:

    I thought the fact that nerf is a gateway gun was a selling point, actually.

  • Jbird says:

    I badly want the sniper rifle. I might need to “buy it for my son” for his birthday.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    My wife stumbled into a 2 for 1 Nerf sale back on Black Friday, so of course she got the two biggest ones they offer. Both fully automatic. 🙂 One is for me and the other is for my soon to be 5 yr old daughter. Who can’t wait to play war with daddy. And who also wanted to know if she could still wear her pretty dresses while playing. NO I’m not crying, damn allergies…

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