#rsrh So. President Obama mucks up his scientific history in energy speech…

…while he’s slamming the Republican party for supposedly not knowing anything about history.

  • Verdict?  Dog bites man!

Then, Talking Points Memo – Talking Points Memocorrects the President for falsely claiming both that Rutherford B Hayes was a Luddite; and that Columbus’ contemporaries were flat-earth yokels.  While I will freely admit that I wouldn’t have known one way or the other about Hayes, I was under the impression that any adequately educated person already knew that it was widely conceded in 15th Century intellectual circles that the world was not flat.  TPM even notes that there’s a certain irony there, considering that the President was attacking his opponents for being ignorant.

  • Verdict? Man bites dog!

…And then the TPM comments section starts whining, pouting, and shaking their fingers at the article writer who dared suggest that their man-god President was fallible.

  • Verdict? Dogs bite man!  …Those little yapping ones, that is: the kind that look amazingly aerodynamic if kicked just right.

Via Instapundit… and man but the Online Left’s cranky today, or what?  I mean, seriously, it’s not our fault that Obama’s not as well-educated as he thinks that he is.

Moe Lane


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