#rsrh So… a guy in jail gets 42% in the WV Democratic Presidential primary.

This is.


This is certainly something.  Maybe not as much a something as the sight of Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV) refusing to admit whether or not he voted for Barack Obama last night* – profiles in courage, folks. Profiles in courage – but definitely something.  What it does mean is open for interpretation, but here’s one way to figure out whether or not there was an, um, ethnic dimension to this: poll West Virginian Democrats who voted for the convict and ask ’em whether they would have voted for Rep. Allen West if he had been the one running.  That guy was practically the definition of ‘Jacksonian’ when he was serving.

Moe Lane

*Via @jaketapper.  And that should worry Manchin.


  • Jbird says:

    I’ve been laughing about this all day.

  • Don says:

    I’d like to see that question asked, Moe. I think Col. West could do very well in a Republican Primary in almost any district in this nation, but I’m biased and partisan. Realistically, I hope he runs for governor.

    He’s smart, driven and obviously ambitious. I bet he could go as far in politics as he desires to.

  • RPL says:

    Monroe Schwarzlose. He was the Arkansas turkey farmer who ran several times in various elections and wound up getting pasted. In 1980 or 1982, he challenged Bill Clinton for the D nomination. he basically drove around the state in his pickup, wore bib overalls, and passed out canning recipes. He got 30% of the vote, and critics said that it was a fluke. The Clinton machine would steamroll the eventual Republican challenger. Basically, they felt it was a joke. Clinton lost the GE that year, and learned an important lesson; never lose touch with the electorate. Obama can’t figure that out (for a variety of reasons), and that is why the felon is this year’s Monroe Schwarzlose. I also think Obama’s a turkey.

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