#rsrh The general meaning of last night’s Wisconsin recall results.

I am not really that into making a long, involved production out of this post – life goes on, and I have a full day scheduled – so just let me cut to the chase.  If progressives and liberals want to be effective activists, then they need to stop telling themselves that they are the vanguard of a populist movement and start becoming one.  Which they will not wish to do, because it’s a simple truth that the basic principles of progressive and liberal thought are not really a comfortable fit with the mindset and philosophies that this country generally defines as being ‘populist.’

This would bother me, except that it doesn’t.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    My favorite bit of irony: after fighting tooth and nail to maintain the public sector unions as a cash cow, they’ve settled on “too much money in politics” as the reason they lost that cash cow.

  • Chris says:

    Ah yes, too much money. They are, no doubt, utterly furious with President Obama for breaking his word and foregoing public financing in 2008, and outspending McCain 3-to-1.

    Wait, what’s that? They’re not furious at all about that? Why, I never!

  • Spegen says:

    Just read Erik’s post on Redstate and the link to Kos, all I have to say is well done Moe. That post would link up well with the end to Independence Day, the tears of liberals resembling the falling debri of a distrucive enemy (just like the PEUs)

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