#rsrh QotD, This Bed I Made Is Sure Uncomfortable edition.

(Via Instapundit) An anonymous* ‘diversity hire’ at a liberal arts school feels… defined by the color of his/her skin, not the content of his/her character; to the point where he/she feels like there’s an invisible number above his/her head denoting said hire’s exact… diversity quota, I suppose.  And the diversity hire feels that everybody can see that number hovering over the hire’s name, and reacts accordingly.  And the diversity hire wonders:

We should be more than our skin color, our sexual orientation, or our country of origin. We should be more than a checked category, a percentage, or an initiative. Unfortunately, we’re not. I know that there are many more like me. And many of us are wondering how long that invisible number is going to follow us around.

At this rate, anonymous complainer?  Forever.


Was there anything else?

Moe Lane

PS: Stop whining, neighbor.  You got a job, don’t you?

*You may safely assume that the ‘anonymous’ part is the exact moment where my sympathy became, as they say, muted.

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  • Cameron says:

    Hang on…I swear I had some sympathy nearby…Here we go! Oh wait. That’s just pocket lint. Never mind.

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