#rsrh In which I add to the Media frenzy over the looming Obamacare decision.

In my defense, Drudge is hinting that the decision will be appearing on Thursday.  That will be agonizing, if true.  On the other hand, imagine how the Other Side feels: they’re coming to grips with the thought that – ‘Zounds! – maybe the Constitution doesn’t give Congress the right to make private citizens engage in economic activity.  On the gripping hand, if they delay until Thursday then the decision on the Arizona immigration law will almost certainly be announced tomorrow…


  • Earlgrey says:

    i just am scared that we’ll get a really unpleasant surprise. I don’t know which will be harder to take: a decision upholding the “law” as written or watching the liberals rejoice over it.

  • Shawn says:

    As others have indicated. Any result is gold for the GOP.

    1) A loss will motivate the base like nothing else. Proof the SC isn’t conservative enough yet, and proof the Senate and Pres HAVE to be flipped.

    2) Dropping the Mandate will scuttle the law. Not immediately perhaps. But it will be a black eye to the left. One they told their base they could not POSSIBLY receive. The conservative base will ‘still’ be emboldened to go after the rest of ObamaCare. And Romney will have to promise he will.

    3) A win, and Obama has “nothing” to show for 4 years of Presidency except trillions of dollars of debt. His one ‘legislative achievement’ will be shown a farce from a lapdog Congress. Everything would reset to status quo anti 2008 in terms of Health Care, and the Left would have to invent a whole new plan to resocialize it before the Convention. Fat chance. The only bad thing here is Health Care would probably be all but completely off the table for the election. Well, except as a whipping post to flog Obama with. After all, if that “constitutional scholar” so misread the Court, what else did he misread?

  • acat says:

    Shawn – Romney isn’t running on O’Care anyway .. he’s running a straight-up fight on the economy.

    I don’t see that improving even if O’Care is completely blown out of the water, eh?


  • Shawn says:


    I know he isn’t and he can’t. But people are still VOTING on Obamacare. He has promised to executive order rollback it on Day 1. That matters to those who are voting on the issue. My point is that any result is good for the GOP, because it either fires up the right to say we need justices to counter Obama’s Tweedle-dee and dumb, or it fires up the base by reminding everyone just how incompetent Dear Leader is.

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