#rsrh Profiles in Courage: Mike McIntyre (D, NC-07).

Hey, Congressman: who are you voting for for President this November?

Shorter Mike McIntyre: …LOOK! SQUIRREL!


Annnnnnd that’s why Cook scores this race as Toss-Up.  Well, that and the fact that McIntyre’s now in a double-digit Republican district in a state that is in the process of reverting back to the GOP side anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: North Carolina, by the way, is one of the reasons why the Democrats are in the pickle that they’re in with regards to their ostensible goal of taking back the House in 2012: they lost control of the legislature at just the worst possible moment, and now all those fat and happy Democrats in previously-gerrymandered seats are now no longer happy.  Guess the Democrats shouldn’t have mucked up the recovery quite so thoroughly, huh?

PPS: This ain’t the first time McIntyre’s demonstrated Obama’s radioactivity in his district, by the way.  Since then David Rouzer’s won the nomination on the Republican side…


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  1. My wife and I moved from MA to NC a few weeks ago (to get out of the snow and nearer a beach). I just checked, and sure enough: I’m in his district. And yes, this makes me more likely to vote for him, which is obviously why he’s doing it…

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