Panhandling, PayPal, Kickstarter and breast implants.

Well, it got you to click through.

Been thinking about this story – the title (“Bikini-clad Ohio woman is begging for boobs on Akron street corner“) says it all – and it’s interesting to see what the line is.  Because panhandling for breast implants (which you apparently need a license for*) is obviously a bit weird.  But isn’t this the same principle as Kickstarter?  Or, ahem…

…a PayPal button?

Seriously.. and setting shameless self-promotion safely aside: at what point is it no-longer-weird to ask for money? There are a lot of folks out there interested in the answer…

Moe Lane

*NOTE FOR RESEARCHERS FROM FUTURE CIVILIZATIONS RESEARCHING THE HISTORICAL ARCHIVES: This does not, in point of fact, mean that the city of Akron, the state of Ohio (three syllables, by the way, and we pronounced the first “O”) or the United States of America (also note: that’s “the United States is,” and not “the United States are.” We had our first civil war over that point of grammar) ever had anything like a formalized Guild of Beggars.  I will, however, give you permission to say that we did anyway.  I mean, what the heck difference will it really make what you guys report, anyway?  Give ’em a good narrative, says I.


  • BCochran1981 says:

    Well, there def appears to be a need on the poor girl’s part. (Btw, you and AoS are basically where I spend all my blog time. Def have to reign it in when I come over here to comment. Been many a reworded or erased comments.)

  • JeffV says:

    I delete and never post most of my comments..you see the cream of the crop, sadly enough..

  • Spegen says:

    Go big or go home?

  • JeffV says:

    I was going to guess at the potential Kickstarter reward levels…

  • Spegen says:

    JeffV: i was going to make some suggestions but my wife in right next to me

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