#rsrh QotD, English Majors Will Appreciate This One Most edition.

Tim Cavanaugh of Reason.com, on watching Obama supporters freak out trying to minimize the impact of the stupid sh… stuff… the President says:

The popularization of Derridaian post-modernism since the 1990s has generally been a lot of fun, turning mainstream Americans into sharp observers of signs and meaning who are sure that either there’s nothing outside the text or everything is outside the text or both. But at some point it helps to look at that thing above the subtext, which is generally known as “the text.”

It fascinates me that apparently the Left thought that they could get away forever with running a candidate who wouldn’t be called on his bul… nonsense.  Which was silly, given that the GOP can be taught, once you hit it over the head a few times.  Which has happened.  Frankly, if the Right had realized early enough that Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to be the nominee in 2008 after all then we wouldn’t have nominated John McCain; we would have found somebody like… Mitt Romney, apparently.

Which is not really a hit on the man.  Amazingly, the things about Romney campaigning style that infuriated me in the primaries are suddenly not so much ‘outrageous’ as they are ‘hysterical’ when they’re being directed at Obama…

Moe Lane

(Via… not sure.  This article’s making the rounds.)

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