Some of my OGRE minis seem to have the pox.

I opened up my latest batch – another thank you for the people who hit the tip jar, thus allowing me to pick up these things – to prep them for primer and I find… this.

Good thing it’s probably not contagious, huh?  Damned if I know what caused this, though.  For all I know, metal minis rot if they’re seventeen years old (which is I think how old these suckers are).

Moe Lane

PS: My wife – who is both an engineer and a minis painter herself (yes, I know, I am very lucky) neither gave an opinion on the subject, nor grabbed the children and ran from the house screaming at the sight.  So I’m assuming ‘weird, but harmless.’

PPS: Heavy weapons tripods for battlesuit troops, in case you were wondering.

3 thoughts on “Some of my OGRE minis seem to have the pox.”

  1. Oxidation, I think. Google “lead rot” and such for ways to deal with it. Primer and paint seems to prevent it.

  2. I remeber playing the original game—a perfect solitare game—stop the megatank.

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