#rsrh It’s the *reaction* to this piece on George W Bush that’s hysterical.

The piece itself?  Straightforward.  George W Bush is out of the White House, he’s danged cheerful about that, he’s finding it refreshing to be out of the spotlight, and hey, he’s been doing oil painting lately.  I’m gathering that it’s restful.  In short… George W Bush did what a lot of people on the Left loudly demanded: he went away*.

And they hate him for it. There’s perhaps less vituperative comments on the Boston Herald article than I expected (I’m less surprised at the general lack of asinine comments on [H/T] Ann Althouse’s post), but they lack in quantity they make up for in sheer affronted whining.  How dare Bush be happy!  Doesn’t he understand how important it is that Bush play the role that the Left has always demanded of him?  And how dare he not be there for them to scream about in 2012!  Barack Obama needs him to be there!

…how is barack obama going to win if he doesnt have bush there…


*No, the occasional speech – or article about it – doesn’t count.  The man was President for eight years.  There’s a floor to how far out of the public eye you can get.


  • NotSoBlueStater says:

    I asked my wife (staunch Democrat) four (probably three, I guess) years ago if she’d be disappointed if Obama tried to run against Bush again. She said “Yes” at the time. This isn’t about that specifically, of course, but Obama has been casting Bush’s economic policies against his own lately. So, there you go…

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